Shaping Birmingham’s Transport

Gregory Yates, Sahar Rezazadeh, Pav Dhande and Mohammad Bilal. Members of the steering group.

From top left: Gregory Yates, Sahar Rezazadeh, Pav Dhande and Mohammad Bilal. Members of the steering group. Photography by David Warren.

Young people use public transport most frequently which means that they rely on the city’s transport system on a daily basis, either to get to school, university or even work. ‘Shaping Birmingham’s Transport’ is a project that aims to get the voices of young people in the city heard by decision-makers and heads of transport. In doing so, we hope to improve public transport services in our city particularly so that they better cater for young people. Initiated in February 2008 by Pav Dhande and Mohammad Bilal, students and local activists, our motivation to improve one of the most important structures of a city has only escalated. Our personal concerns for our world class city and its transport system led us to become deeply encouraged to lead on this with support from Birmingham City Council.

This month, I formally launched the project’s competition which aims to engage other young people from across the city in the project as well as gather ideas and inspiration from them for the future of Birmingham. So I’d like to encourage you all to take part in this competition and have your voice heard about the future of transport in your city by important decision-makers! The Winning Entry will win free bus passes and bicycles for each member of the group!!!

As well as the opportunity to get involved with our project through the competition, you can also join us this April at the Council House where you will have the chance to speak to those in charge of Birmingham’s transport system. The summit promises to be a fantastic day for us to make our mark and have our voices heard. There will be some BIG decision makers present including Councilors most notably Cllr Len Gregory (Cabinet Member for Transportation, Birmingham City Council) , Stephen Rhodes (Director of Bus and Highways, CENTRO) and Martin Hancock (Commercial Director – Bus and Coach, National Express).

So what do the steering group have to say?

“The project really has been a superb experience so far; in our group alone, we have: someone who relies on trains daily to get to school; both on-road and off-road cyclists; someone who categorically refuses to use public transport and someone who was completely oblivious to Birmingham’s Metro system! These are just six individuals though, serving as just a snapshot of how Birmingham’s transport network is utilised.”– Pav Dhande.

“If we want to compete in the tourism industry we must ensure that our transport system is top notch and that means that image is as important as efficiency. Our public transport needs to be appealing too so cleanliness, design, safety should all be on the agenda.”– Sahar Rezazadeh.

Thankfully, it’s not just our views that matter, yours do too so we want to hear from you!

For more information I urge you to visit our website and you can join our Facebook group too.


8 thoughts on “Shaping Birmingham’s Transport

  1. We look forward to your entries – the project fits into the wider scheme the “Big City Plan” lead by Birmingham City Council which I’d recommend looking into if you haven’t already.

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