You call this a Victory!?!


Many, including members of my own family, have questioned why I support Israel so wholeheartedly in recent weeks, but never have been more sure of my support for them than today. The arrogant and abhorrent leadership of Hamas have come out from their ratholes revelling in what they term Israels ‘defeat’ and their ‘victory’. Only such a wicked and barbaric organisation like Hamas could possibly see the death and destruction all around them and proclaim it a victory!

I have heard no such arrogance from Israel. They went in to Gaza to neutralise Hamas, an organisation which refuses to recognise their right to exist and wishes only to inflict murder and terror on their people. When their objective was complete they left. They had no desire to occupy Gaza. No desire to kill its population. Their only desire was to eliminate what is nothing more than a terrorist organisation bent not on peace but war with Israel.

Hamas, as I have mentioned before, delight in the death and destruction of Gaza and its people because it furthers their cause. That is the victory they speak of. They poked the lion and it responded and inflicted massive carnage on the region. However this situation is not a numbers game, the number of deaths and casulties inflicted does not represent ‘the right and wrong’ as many crudely assume. It is the intentions that matter. Israels intention is to protect her people from over 7 years of sustained rockets attacks, numbering thousands, that are intended to kill maim and destory, not its military, but its people and their homes.

However many have died in these rocket attacks is frankly irrelevant. Each one had the potential, and the militants desire, to kill Israeli civilians. 80% of the deaths in Gaza over the last few weeks have been militants which considering the scale of the offesnive is impressive. The militants they killed are the scum of the earth who, given the chance, would have done far worse to the Israelis. That is what we have to keep in mind. Of course the death of civilians is tragic and regrettable. Im sure noone more than the Israelis recognises this having suffered from it for so long. But it is inevitable when your enemy, rather than come out and fight, hides deep within civilian quaters using them as shields to cover their cowardice.  

Im sure many of you will ignore what ive said. Most people just look at the Biased Broadcasting Corporations version of events without using their own initiative and imagination. The media get off on stories like this. Bland stories don’t catch viewers or sell papers. Of course they have to ‘jazz’ it up a bit for the viewers but I ask you to look at the facts not the fiction. Hamas are the wreckers in our midst. Not Israel. They willfully kill civilians not Israel and they want war not Israel.


12 thoughts on “You call this a Victory!?!

  1. Oh Dan. I don’ think I’ve ever laid further from you on an opinion.
    Everything, just everything here I think is wrong.
    And not just because I’ve been buying into the ‘liberally biased media’. I have the brains to think for myself and form my own opinion.
    We shall talk in *checks time* an hour.

  2. The BBC definatley biased. Biased agianst Israel, Palestine, Labour, Conservatives, big business, Tarde unions. My rule is that if everyone thinks there biased, there probaly not

  3. I must admit I agree with Laura here, I don’t think i’ve ever read a blog on this site that has been further from my own opinion. And for once, I don’t agree about the BBC, I think their broadcasting has been as neutral as possible on this whole conflict.

  4. I have to disagee with you here too. Israel is persecuting the Palestinian people, thats why people support Hamas, and Israel’s behaviour has only exacerbated the situation. That’s why they stopped, they realised they were only making things worse.

    Until Israel stops discriminating against the Palestinians there will also be this problem. Hamas will lose support and drift into nothingness, a little voice. Afterall, their funding comes from people who oppose Israel, and thats how they get their supporters to carry out their atrocities. I find that Israel has to take the blame for this.

    And I think you’ll find that many people have been of this opinion for sometime and I doubt intelligent people such as ourselves will be dupped by the BBC

  5. “Until Israel stops discriminating against the Palestinians there will also be this problem” Israel will stop ‘persecuting’ the people when Hamas stop threatening their very right to exist. Remember these blockades, also put in place by Egypt, are intended to turn people away from Hamas who can NEVER deliver peace to the region. Im sorry, I understand peoples frustrations and why they turned away from Fatah to Hamas, but they need to understand that Hamas will never be viewed as a viable political body whilst they continue to preach such posion and hate. They are radical islamists who couldnt give two hoots about liberty and democracy. As far as I am concerned Israel is the lesser of two evils. The Palestians are co-archtechts in their own suffering. They need to turn away from Hamas and then maybe then they can lead some kind of normal life.

    When I am frustrated with the Tories I dont turn to the BNP! The Palestinians need to have patience with Fatah because real progress was being made. By electing Hamas they in all intents and purposes set the peace process back a generation. They need to get a reality check.

  6. Under UN law, Israel are illegally occupying the state of Palestine, a state which was taken away from them 60 years ago. Israel, by refusing to allow Palestine to reappear as a country, are preventing Palestinians the right to exist. Israel are preventing them from living a normal life!

    Is it any wonder they are mad? Is it any wonder they turn to assaults and attacks? They are fighting against occupiers.

  7. Mark,

    If you’re referring to the UN Security Council Resolution 242, as far as I know, it has been interpreted differently by either side of the conflict which is why it hasn’t really had an impact on the situation in the Mideast.

    I think to ask for Israel or Israeli’s to completely disappear is impractical and as unfair as asking the Palestinians to disappear. The two-state solution is, in my opinion, the best option to resolve this conflict and it can only work if both sides are willing to work together and come clean. I agree that forceful action by the IDF worsens the circumstances but I also agree that groups like Hamas do not help at all. They don’t help their people nor the opposing side.

  8. I agree with Sahar, the two state solution is the best. Im not denying Israel’s right to exist, but its behaviour is both unacceptable and illegal. I do not condone Hamas either, but I accept that people who are under pressure are likely to turn to people who at least seem to be standing up for them, including terrorist organisations. Israel needs to realise that their policies towards the Palestinians are only playing into the hands of groups like Hamas

  9. Sahar/Gareth,

    I totally agree. The last thing I want is Israel to disappear, that would be a horrible end to this. There has to be a way where both sets of people can have their own independent state. Excellent point you make as well Gareth, the more Israel carry out these attacks the more people will turn to Hamas as a way of fighting back.

  10. I wholeheartedly support a two state solution… believe or not so does Israel… Its Hamas who are the problem! They don’t want a two state solution. Thus they cannot be treated as viable political partners and must be dismissed. We took out the Taleban in Afghanistan and we need to take out Hamas in Gaza. Then and only then can we get the two state solution that we are all in agreement is neccessary. This can be summed up in one phrase: the ends justify the means.

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