Guild Officer


Following the Christmas/New Year festivities it gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest addition to the ever growing BUCF Committee. Joseph Hollywood has been elected as our Guild Officer and will undertake the role with immediate effect. It is the role and responsibility of the Guild Officer to attend Guild Council on behalf of the society and ensure that all relevant society paperwork remains up to date. One of the most fundamental problems BUCF has faced in the course of its history, has been rooted in its inability to keep up to date with Guild Politics and regulations. This has led to bad blood and crossed wires on both sides.

As such, having defeated the derecognition motion put forward at Guild Council last month, I made it a clear priority in the coming months to ensure that BUCF was never placed in such a position again. Enshrining the role of Guild Council on our committee will ensure this happens and in time improve relations with the Guild. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Joe to the committee and I look forward to the contribution and confidence he will bring to the society.


8 thoughts on “Guild Officer

  1. Joe – Ive decided to take a leaf out of your book lol
    Fabian – I will continue to shadow Joe in his new role, so at least for the next few months I shall be attending GC with him… don’t fret lol

  2. The meeting is this Thursday at 6pm just incase you didn’t get any emails about it.

    Gd news and glad to see just how proactive you lot have been this week in sorting out the Guild side of things!!

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