All the Presidents Men


Barack Obama now joins the elite club of men that can lay claim to the title ‘President of the United States’. The photograph above, taken a few days ago, I feel is particularly impressive as it shows the incoming and outgoing US Presidents alongside all the other living Presidents. The last such meeting was in 1989 when George HW Bush hosted all living former Presidents in the Oval Office.



6 thoughts on “All the Presidents Men

  1. Just five more dyas of President Bush…

    Of course it’s not 100% inevitable that Obama will become President. God forbid that anyting should happen to him.

  2. Good line up, if only it was in a police station.

    * Which is this the man who invaded your country?

    * The middle one, or is it the first one on the left?

    And two Bushes, so much for democracy. Cant wait for Bush Junior Junior. Or Hilliary Clinton.

  3. “The real question here is has Jimmy Carter aged at all?”

    As it happens my mother saw him at The Haye-on-Wye festival and he was extremely sharp and talked in great depth about the middle east with an amazing grasp of detail. I’ve heard from others that he’s still extremely intelligent and very quick.

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