Why we can’t trust the federalists….


I have just read an article which frankly boils my blood and shows clearly why we Eurosceptics need to ‘beef up the banter’ against the European federalists in the coming months and I urge you all to read it. Now I have been a good boy this year and the EU has only had one or two blog lashings from me, however before the year is out I want to have one more pop at the federalists that lurk in Brussels whom I feel will pose a further threat to us in the coming years.

The EU, like New Labour, has descended as far as I can see in to a form of ‘post Democracy’ befitting films such as ‘V for Vandetta’. They use patronising tactics, rhetoric and blatant abuses of democracy to get their way regardless of public will. Now many will find this view extreme but I ask you to look at the facts. The EU Constitution was democratically rejected by the French and the Dutch in 2005 and assuming we were given a vote the British would have rejected it to.

Why then if it was rejected was it forced back upon us under a different name? A few months ago you might recall the Irish rejected one of the biggest assaults on national sovereignty seen in recent years and a mere recycle of the old abandoned constitution: The Lisbon Treaty. Unfortunately we never got the chance to have our say and voice our displeasure and the few that did once again rejected it. Instead we had it forced upon us by a government which, to add insult to injury, had previously pledged to give us a vote on it but soon backtracked once elected for a third term.

As we have come to know all too well after 11 years, there is a vast gulf between the rhetoric and reality when it comes to New Labour. They, like the EU, seem to delight in patronising and molly coddling us. Telling us something is good for us without giving us a chance to decide for ourselves whether it is or isn’t. That isnt democracy and represents a real danger to us and our democracy which as one commentator put it is ‘already on life support’ after 10 years of Labour abuse.

The Lisbon Treaty is in all intents and purposes the blue print for a Federal Europe and the way it is being force fed to us, regardless of public opinion, is a blatant assault on democracy. I also feel that by accepting this treaty certain other member states are surrendering their national sovereignty far too cheaply and as such we are expected to follow suit. But to be honest I am not entirely suprised. Now I mean no disrespect to the individual citizens of the countries concerned but as far as I can see certain leaders of EU member states concept of democracy is questionable.

Lest we forget that Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the entire Eastern Bloc have all in recent years been subject to fascist, communist or totalitarian rule. It can therefore be argued that they aren’t all that used to democracy and national sovereignty and thus are none too fussed when it is signed away on a whim. Well I for one will not follow suit nor will I back a treaty or a government which coerces me to do so.

The British are proud of their democracy (at least we were), we are proud of our national identity (at least we were), and to be frank we are strong enough economically without Europe propping us up (at least we were) to stand on our own two feet. The problem is Labour have systematically weakened all the things that made us distinct, proud, independent and strong as a nation which I fear could mean we are forced in to line with Europe against public will.

You may think that is a tad extreme. Perhaps it is, moderation has never been my strong point! But this situation is getting extreme. When democratic votes are discredited, when leaders refuse to honour promises they made to their people, when we are forced to fall in to line, when the sceptics are ridiculed and silenced by the euro-fanatics (as is shown in the article linked above) then we are in an extreme situation which requires extreme opposition.

Now Tories for many years have been afraid to talk openly about Europe for fear of how it will go down. In the early 90’s, whilst I believe we were right to see the dangers that we might have to face in the future, our attacks on European federalism were too premptive as the EU’s ambitions were yet to be realised. Now  however, our opposition at that time I feel can be seen as prophetic. Unfortunately at the time it meant we were forced in to submission on the issue for the next decade, allowing the federalists too much room to manoeuver.

I am confident that today the British people can see the ambitions of the Brussels Bureaucrats and are ready to listen to our opposition once again. They are fed up with the blatant bully boy tactics being deployed by New Labour and Europe and I am confident that they will shortly be crying out for us to stand firm against a federal European Superstate with the same passion of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Now to clarfiy I believe we are a long way off being drawn in to a ‘death match’ between the sceptics and the federalists, nor do I forsee a federal European superstate anytime soon, however I am fearful that one day we may be forced in to such a clash as we may sign away too much. For now we have one more foe to vanquish: The Lisbon Treaty.

I am hopeful that the Irish will be given one more chance to stick the final nail in the coffin and reject that barren piece of propaganda which isn’t worth the paper its printed on. Otherwise I am fearful we will have it officially imposed on us and only then will we realise what we have signed away. Whats that old saying? You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone? Well I hope never to find out.


4 thoughts on “Why we can’t trust the federalists….

  1. Dan,

    What’s your vision of the EU (if any). You think Britain should pull out or that it’s been stretched too far and should be nothing more than economic ties…?

  2. In 1957 the European Economic Community was founded…. fantastic… but it all went down hill from there. Since then we have re-christened this entity the European Community (EC) and latterly the European Union (EU) and no doubt it will become in time the ‘United States of Europe’ or something to that effect. This is wrong.

    As far as I am concerned the ‘EU’ (as it is known today) is encoraching on the rights, liberties and indeed identities of individual member states. This cannot be allowed to continue. My vision of Europe and the ‘EU’ is for it to be what it was always meant to be: an economic forum which through its closer economic links promotes stability on the continent. After all ‘those that trade together don’t go to war together’

    On a personal level, to be frank the only tangible thing we have in common with the other Member states is economics. I believe there are cultural differences between the member states that will be all but impossible to overcome. Don’t forget that Europe has spent most of its history at war with one another! Therefore any hopes for a ‘united europe’ is futile.

    So in sum I am all for closer economic, military, and cultural links but not in the form of a ‘union’ or super state. I might be inclined to agree to a collective european defence force and other such collective bodies which promote peaceful relations between us and our European coutnerparts but no I will never support any organisation that threatens to turn us in to a super state or violates our individual rights as a nation (Incidently nor do I think it is fair that britain should encroach on the national sovreignity of another Europeann state)

    The current system just doesn’t work and flies in the face of the initial 1957 Treaty of Rome’s vision for Europe, a vision which I believe is much more viable but has sadly been manipulated.

  3. Hello all from China,

    talking of visions, i have one, for europe, let me take one issue as an example of how i think the EU could work.


    As EU citezens we are entitiled free movement between the member states, but immigration policy is still based at each individul states boarders. i think immigration should be dealt with as if the EU was one nation.

    the EU could manage boader control on the perimetes of the Union, we could have large processing plants on the boarders so that no immigrant would ever set foot in any EU country untill they were accepted. any immigrant or refugee entering not via one of these centres would be instantly moved to one.

    with a common approach the burdon to the native population in each country could be shared out equally amongst the EU nations, furthermore allocation of skilled workers could be much more focused.

    this would remove the scenes we still witness at calais, the huge problems spain as an individual nation has in daling with african immigration and would make the system much more effcient.

    we all like it or not, own EU passports, just look at the first word on the front page “european” so immigrants should apply for EU citezenship. they would then be able to enjoy the freedom of movement we all do.

    i think have EU funding immigration could help alot of other nations in dealing with immigration and remove all the daily battles we see at our boarders. strict policing of the baoder and only entry through an EU designatied centre.

    ode to joy anyone?

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