Guild Council: A Review


Last night myself and Dan went to the Guild of Students to try to defend the society and halt any de-recognition procedures. A week ago Dan was informed that BUCF faced de-recognition again. As you will understand we were furious about this as we had little if any indication from the Guild that derecognition procedures were imminent. We were therefore determined to put our case forward and defend the society from being booted out of the Guild.

Despite Dan’s personal beliefs regarding Guild Politics he delivered a passionate defence of the societys role within the Guild and defended what he termed ‘its natural right’ to be a part of the Guild. His speech was incredibly well recieved prompting a prolonged, spontanious round of applause. However the real task he had to face down occured when he agreed to take questions from the floor. The questions were harsh, direct and often unjust reminding us all too clearly that there is a great deal of hostility to the Tories within Guild Council.

Reagrdless Dan kept his cool and for every question that was thrown at him he responded clearly and confidently. He empahsised his commitment to the society playing an active role in the Guild in coming months and appealed to their better nature by explaining just what  a difficult task he has had since becoming President in trying to turn the society around from its long slope in to terminal decline. This was again warmly recieved.

Finally it was time for the vote and after the attempted mauling he had recieved during the questions from the floor part of the debate it is fair to say he was not confident of victory. However when the results came forward, 66%-34%, it showed clear support for the society and the President who again recieved a round of applause.

I know I speak for Dan and the whole committee when I say we are delighted that this potentially lethal situation for the society has been dealt with so efficiently. I also want to thank, on behalf of the whole committee, the Labour society for the support that they have shown in recent days and their efforts to ensure BUCF remain a part of the Guild.

Relations between the two socieites are stronger than they have been in many years.  Although there remains vast ideological gaps between the two, gaps which will encourage healthy debate, we are confident that both chairs, both committees and both socieites as a whole are determined to ensure these cordial relations continue. We will be updating you all regarding our ‘joint events’ which will occur in the New Year. All of which promise to be exciting. 

The moment just after the results came in and the applause it recieved was caught on ‘candid camera’…


2 thoughts on “Guild Council: A Review

  1. “what a difficult task he has had since becoming President in trying to turn the society around from its long slope in to terminal decline. This was again warmly recieved.”


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