View From China – What can we learn from recent scandals?


Former BUCF V.P Ryan Castle speaks from deep inside Commie Country and asesses the current situation in Britain….


It seems all I can read about in the news is the baby P horror, even languishing in a commie dictatorship I have been able to have a full access to this story. It comes combined with the conviction of Ms Mathews this week.


What does this say about our society? It seems the two party leaders have got their party colours confused. David Cameron speaks of a broken society, whilst Mr Purnell the Pensions secretary talks of it being about individual responsibility. What a quagmire of views! Well which one is it?!?


Well of course being a historian I like abit of both sides, David is right to talk about ills in society, but wrong to talk about family breakdown, I am not sure the Mathew’s clan could be considered a family to break. The poor children are a result of numerous fathers and were born I suspect to gain the money the government gives. This I feel comes from a complete lack of social mobility afforded in our society presently. Parents, Schools and the Media fail to raise aspirations at best and at worst demonise children from an early age.


The UN has said Britain has some of the most negative views of teenagers of developed countries and primary schools are expelling 5 year olds, what chance do they have? We must not engender failure before they even start. Perhaps then if given self worth and hope for a better future, they would not get pregnant at 14 it is a long and hard journey to heel these ills. With the collapse of faith there is little guidance available for teenagers in such topics. These are things society can do, encourage success, support changing failure in children and punish it in adulthood.


However we must not lose sight as Mr Purnell says of the individual, I refer to the individual not as he does to calm the cries of other benefit seekers to not be tarred with the same brush as some misguided commentators have said Cameron has, but to talk about how Labour has infact emasculated the individual to such an extent that we as a whole allow these atrocities to happen. If Labour had not allowed a culture of fear to be created in Britain perhaps a neighbour or nosey parker may have intervened earlier or alerted the authorities of the true extent.


 We cannot expect social services to be the eyes and ears in every community. They can at best visit, a neighbour perhaps can see all the time. In a world where teachers fear to hug a crying child, or a nurse to comfort an ill patient because of the greedy lawyer and even greedier sort of person who claims, we cannot be surprised at our collective individual failure to act.


Mrs Mathews, and the mother or baby P are both individually horrific, abominations to the natural order, but we must ask ourselves, is our negative image of children stifling their development into proper adults, and are these actions not a symptom of a collective failure of individuals to stand up for what is right, and not to bow under NuLab beaurecratic, politically correct, CRB checked hysteria. 


PS: BUCF is inaccessible to me in China, therefore I cannot reply to comment, but if you feel strongly post them on my facebook!


6 thoughts on “View From China – What can we learn from recent scandals?

  1. I agree overall, but disagree with your unwillingness to acknowledge the importance of family breakdown. The Conservative response is to strengthen horizontal ties. I’m loath to insert weblinks as it requires moderation, but Fraser Nelson in the Spectator coffee house blog sums up my views.

  2. Prague Tory, let me defend my criticism in greater depth. I feel the debate should be moved away from talking about family breakdown because I do not think it the root cause of the social decay we witness in these cases. When Tories talk about family breakdown the public often sees us as attacking single parents, alternative families and unmarried couples.
    This I think a bad move as many families now fit into one of these categories as well as marriage. I think the key issue is not breakdown, but parenting. I am from, and know many other people from a single parent low income home, yet I have reached the heady heights of Birmingham University hehe, and am not a delinquent, why? The tireless effort and devotion of my mother and father even in separate.
    It is true that statistics do support that those from divorced parents are more likely to become criminals or underachieve. I think the issue we should attack is lazy parenting, bad parenting, and down right neglect.
    It is from this angle that we do not as a party alienate all those people who are successfully doing an outstanding job with their children in alternative arrangements. Of course support marriage, but do not hold it up to be the lynch pin, it is the attitude of parents, divorced, gay, together whatever that will affect the child most. Let us challenge this and I feel we would have more success.

    P.s. I found a way to read the comments!

  3. “This I think a bad move as many families now fit into one of these categories”

    “Let us challenge this and I feel we would have more success.”

    Both of these are appeals to what you believe is makes sense electorally.

    I don’t want to demonise or alienate people not in conventional families, but I think that people can ‘handle’ a grown-up and informed debate about the costs and consequences of rising divorce/illegitimate children and how public policy can cut the social and financial costs of delinquency.

    Should that much-needed debate result in polices that ‘promote stable family life’ we should not allow the Left to equate that with telling people how to live or attacking single mothers, because it isn’t.

  4. Ryan – hope you’re having fun out there.

    Maybe you’ll have better things to do, but can I request a blog on the Chinese payroll tax system? I hear that disincentives to work are very low out there.

  5. Praguetory,

    Three things:

    1) If we’re talking about the same Fraser Nelson blog, where exactly does he refer to family breakdown exactly?

    2) You said that divorce rates were rising? However, I thought that the divorce rate was the lowest since 1981, and that the actual number of divorces has fallen consistently, now the lowest since 1977?

    3) Can you present some reasonable evidence that divorce or illegitimacy are significantly linked to delinquency once factors such as educational standards, wealth, socio-economic class and cultural endowment have been weighted?

  6. Daniel’s point 3 was what iw as trying to say to a large extent, but much better expressed, thankyou.

    PT unfortunatly i am not well versed in economics, but i could give a blog of some observations about the economy at street level.

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