Cameron: Im a passionate Unionist


Today David Cameron is addressing the Ulster Unionists annual conference in Belfast. In a speech he is due to deliver to delegates Cameron is expected to explicitly outline his commitment to ‘the United Kingdom’ rather than just England. Cameron will say that he is ‘no little Englander’ and he is determined to be a Prime Minister that represents the whole of the United Kingdom and not just England.

Talks between the Conservatives and the Unionists have been going on since July and both parties have agreed in principle to select joint candidates in next year’s European elections and at forthcoming Westminster elections. Both parties have been keen to stress that this move is not a ‘merger’ but rather a partnership that would offer new political oppourtunity to voters.

Lately I have been impressed with Camerons ‘tough talk’ on issues such as the economy and the arrest of Damian Green and am further impressed by his determination to represent the whole of the United Kingdom and not just England by highlighting his commitment to the union. I believe that whilst the people of Northern Ireland wish to remain a part of the United Kingdom we have a duty to represent and defend them.

Currently they do wish to remain part of the UK and as such the Conservative party should ‘bring them on board’ as there are many ideological/political areas of common ground between the two. This latest speech just shows that Cameron really is a Prime Minister in waiting and when he does become PM he will be a PM for the United Kingdom and not just England.


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