BUCF Backs Green!


BUCF backs and donates the days blogging to Damian Green MP and all those who believe in freedom from this Stalinesque/Grotesque government. Also our readers might be interested on a little something Guido Fawkes and Donal Blaney have picked up on… Could it be? The Prime Minister confessing to “procuring misconduct in pubic office”? I assume the police will be on their way to Downing Street… although having said that it wouldn’t be the first time police have come knocking on the door of Number 10 under this government! The word ‘Sleazeballs’ doesn’t quite cover it…


14 thoughts on “BUCF Backs Green!

  1. The decision to arrest Damien Green was not made at number 10. Infact it would appear that Cameron and Johnson knew about this before the PM.

  2. PT, I see that you’ve given up and have resorted to your new style of trash. Boris johnson has openly said that he knew of the arrest in advance and there is no evidence that the PM was behind this. You’d need a very powerful imagination to think that Brown’s number one target is Damien Green. I never had you down as a particularly athletic type, but you’ve shown extraordinairy stamina in running from the truth over these last few weeks.

  3. I know that Johnson was informed – *rolls eyes*. The question is why was the Mayor informed not the Minister from whose department the inquiry originated.

    Far too many unanswered questions, for you to make uninformed assertions…

  4. “The question is why was the Mayor informed not the Minister from whose department the inquiry originated. ”

    Perhaps you should ask your own precious mayor instead of using this to make cheap attacks on the government.

  5. I presume that Boris would only be informed by the police because of his supervisory role. So why wasn’t the government of the day informed.

  6. Boris Johnson was told in his role as chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority. In this position it is routine for him to be told of high profile arrests like this.

    However, he then decided to blab to everyone and kick up a stink which he would do as a Conservative.

  7. “In this position it is routine for him to be told of high profile arrests like this.”

    What about the Home Secretary?

  8. What about the home secretary? It is not the home secretary’s job to order politicaly motivated arrests but it isn’t her job to prevent arrests that the police have decided to make. So far it appears that she did neither of those.

  9. Shouldn’t she have been informed – either by the police directly or via the top civil servant in her department who initiated the enquiry (and who was tipped off by the police).

  10. crisis? What crisis lol. Prague and Jack are engaging in their usual bitchy banter… most of us actually quite like watching the fireworks!

  11. Okay I can understand why Boris would be told, and the PM not informed . . . it would make him complicit, and it would be in no ones interest for that to be the case in an arrest like this. However shouldn’t we ask where should we draw the line between a legitimate need to know, and political partisan style leakages of information which actually aren’t in the public interest? Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves that, and if we are, then shouldn’t we also ask who should draw that line. Any thoughts, relating to this case in particular, and generally?

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