Obama confirms Clinton


After beating her to the Democratic nomination, snubbing her as his running mate and keeping her hanging on for a position in his cabinet, President-Elect Barack Obama has finally put the old girl out of her misery. Hillary Clinton has just been confirmed as Obama’s choice for Secretary of State. I am confident that Clinton will be a powerful addition to the team, however I also believe she will be a live wire who will in many ways persue her own agenda on the international stage Im sure even upstaging her boss at times. Either way the worst kept secret of the transition period has been outed: The next US Secretary of State will be Hillary Rodham Clinton.


One thought on “Obama confirms Clinton

  1. She should have been anything other than bloody Secretary of State. The one main thing they disagreed on was foreign policy so he offers her this position? Silly.

    And come on, did you ever expect him to pick her as VP? After such a grueling race to be the Deomcratic nominee, it would have been impossible for her to chose her as his running mate.
    I’m glad she’s in his team, but I think it should have been as something else.

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