Mugabe and Brown: The comparison

Courtesy of Mr. Guido Fawkes.


7 thoughts on “Mugabe and Brown: The comparison

  1. Well maybe we should compare Tebbit with Hitler. But then again the nazis delivered some excellent puiblic services that the Tories could never hope too match. What a stupid blog.

  2. I think comparing Brown to Mugabe is a tad bit too far. However I think Jimmy (I think it is jimmy anyway) merely posted this blog as a joke as ironically the comparisons made above between brown and mugabe are sadly correct (if a little tongue in cheek) although Brown has yet to kill and torture his own people and rig elections. However as I say im sure it was meant to be lighthearted. Some people clearly can’t take a joke.

  3. It’s true that Brown has yet to kill and torture his own people, but he has yet to have a chance to rig an election…

  4. You can’t compare a Prime Minister to a President. A President is directly elected by the public. The Prime Minister is an elected MP who is chosen to lead a party by it’s members and MP’s.

    Gordon Brown was elected to serve his constituency as MP and he was elected by MP’s to be leader of the governing Labour Party which makes him Prime Minister.

    This about him being unelected is a load of nonsense. The british voting public have NEVER elected a Prime Minister.

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