The Split


Courtesy: ConservativeHome


3 thoughts on “The Split

  1. Please give more credit to conservatives than to post a ridiculous chart. I believe that any remotely intellectual person should be able to draw their own conclusion without it having to be spun for them. This just frustrates me and furthers the belief of others that university level politics only picks up on the sensationalism and pettiness of things rather than the stimulated debate that we could be having.

  2. So what would the Conservatives do right here right now to ease the pain of millions apart from some half baked scheme about people who have been out of work for 3 months that doesn’t add up and would make things worse?

    There’s a reason that the poll gap is reducing, and it’s because the Tories aren’t giving the answers that the public want to hear. Labour and the Lib Dems are beating them at their own game and combine that with the fact that many Tories (let alone the general public) don’t trust George Osbourne any more, it’s clear the Tories need a new plan.

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