Proof: Obama supporters are thick


11 thoughts on “Proof: Obama supporters are thick

  1. Early Sunday, I will be heading over to Walsall to help fight the by-election brought about after the Labour councillor resigned amid allegations he was in possession of child porn. Might be able to offer lifts for any early birds. Contact me by phone if interested…

  2. It proves most obama supporters don’t actually have a clue who he is, they didnt get fair media representation… ie the mistakes obama made were pushed aside whereas the relatively minor mistakes of the mccain campaign were blown up. Most obama supporters got their information from the media which was biased at best. They didnt actually know who he was or what he stood for. I should calrify I am not intending to suggest all Obama supporters are thick… only the ones in this video lol

  3. Whoa Whoa. Right. Gloves off.

    “Most Obama supporters don’t have a clue who he is”

    Can you hear yourself sometimes? I will show you dozens of videos of McCain/Palin supporters who must live under a rock and believe everything he and she said with a filter for things that might be slightly plausible. All this shows is that some Obama supporters didn’t know who had a majority in congress.

    And those so called minor mistakes of the McCain campaign were pretty bloody big. Such as choosing a VP who was underqualified and with no foreign policy experience, him admitting he may have to turn to his VP for help on the economy as he wasn’t too hot on it, them slandering Community Organisers, and making a ridiculously obvious political decision to pick Palin as his VP which undermined everything he’d tried to slate Obama for. At the end of the campaign his argument didn’t end up as ‘vote for me’ it was ‘don’t vote for him’. I’m not saying Obama was the greatest person who ran (personally I’d have preferred Nader), but he was a DAMN site better than the only other choice at the end of it.

    Dan, you know I love you, but you’re doing what you do best and looking at it through rose-tinted Republican spectacles.

    And the woman WASN’T a feminist.

  4. HAHA “Dan, you know I love you”… A disclaimer wont get you out of this one lol… perhaps its time for a reshuffle ;)

    Nah I take on board what you are saying. What has irritated me most about this whole campaign has been how the media have bigged up obama and battered mccain. Dont get me wrong mistakes have been made in both campaigns. Both came out with some classic blunders and indeed Palin may be misguided on some of her beliefs (however I would argue she does represent a fairly sizeable portion of the american population who also believe ludacris things!) But ultimately the coverage obama got was disproportionate and his mistakes were whitewashed because trashing obama didn’t sell papers.

    He was the media darling, he was the worlds darling… not for his politics but because he came across as NNNIIICCEEE :p ‘I dont know what he stands for politically but aawww innne a nice talker?’ That was what alot of my friends who backed obama said. They didnt have a clue what he stood for like the voters above, they just loved the fact he wasn’t bush, he was young and he was charismatic. I would wager Obama won this election on the back of the media not on the strength of his political persuasion. Which in an ideal world is what an election should be about.

  5. Reshuffle me and I’ll kick up hell. You need a feisty young feminist on the committee to town down your far right rantings :P

    It’s very true that a lot of American media have a liberal bias, I won’t argue that (though not all, look at Fox for example.. *feels unclean after thinking about Fox News*) but that still doesn’t disguise from blunder after blunder that the McCain ticket made. Throughout the election campaign over 70 traditionally Republican politicians, newspapers and other media outlets stated that they were endorsing Obama rather than McCain (and a good 40 of them cited one of the main reasons was Sarah Palin)
    And though you’re right, Obama is a fantastic orator and the Democrats sort of had it in the bag because of the last 8 years under Bush and the change that the American people want (ie. not another Republican) I don’t think it’s true to say that Obama won purely because of the media bias. For one thing, the American elections are run completely on the back of the media and big corporations and has done for a long long time.
    You just can’t admit that a lot of the reason McCain lost was because of his own failings and the failings of his election team. I shudder to think what would have happened if he’d won.

    Also, political ‘persuasion’ isn’t what I’d necessarily think should win an election. Persuasion it shouldn’t be, representation of the public ideals it should.

  6. I’m with Laura and Obama on this one: Obama’s campaign was an example of how election campaigns can be run very well – Mccain, not so much. And this original post doesn’t exactly make this blog look interesting or smart. Toning down the Republicanism, as Laura suggests, might be a good idea; after all most of us are English, not right wing Bible loving gun toting Texans (and normally I wouldn’t use so many stereotypes in one sentence, but its 3am here and I share the same time zone as Texas). I am English, btw. Just in Canada right now, not too far from the Rocky Mountains, and its bloody cold here.

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