CFSAN Christmas Hamper Project!

cf-hampers2This season the Conservative Future Social Action Network has re-introduced the Christmas Hamper Project, which was successfully launched for the first time last year. The project looks closer to home and gives those people who are less fortunate a special Christmas. This is our way of making a charitable contribution to our local community as well as keeping the needy in our thoughts and prayers during this holy season. So how does it work? Well it’s simple yet highly effective, Anastasia Beaumont-Bott (the CFSAN National Coordinator) would like us to fill up hampers with all sorts of goodies and donate them either to the Salvation Army or to an organisation of our choice.

I want to bring the project to Birmingham again this year so that as well as showing our commitment to the community, we can begin to make long-lasting relationships with local charities who carry a great burden, especially during this festive season and the difficult economic times. Last year Jimmy McLoughlin led the project in Birmingham successfully and donated the hampers to the Salvation Army, as did the other CF branches, however this year we will personally donate the hampers to a local charity.

I’ve chosen to donate the hampers to St Basils, which is a local charity that works with young people who have been forced to leave home because of various pressures. These young people become homeless and in many ways lifeless. St Basils helps to give the young people hope in order to find their ways in life by taking them off the streets and changing their lives forever. It is so heart-rending that these young people have to face such hard times when they should be enjoying their childhood or teenage years and spending Christmas alongside their families. But we can be their families this Christmas by giving them a special gift and with it love and hope for the future ahead of them. For more information about St Basils I would urge you to visit their website on

There are a host of decisions that we need to make before we undergo this project but if we plan our time efficiently we can certainly get the project completed within a week. This means that I am asking for dedication and commitment from the BUCF members who will choose to be on the team.

So…now it is over to you! If you are keen to be involved in this project please contact me as soon as you can so that I can finalise names and numbers, and then we shall proceed. I am really looking forward to working on this project and I hope to hear from you soon!


6 thoughts on “CFSAN Christmas Hamper Project!

  1. It goes without saying you can put me down and Im sure the majority of the committee will be available too. I shall get in contact with them over the weekend.

  2. Of course your help would be needed Richard! Thank you for volunteering :-D

    Richard and John, could you possibly add me on FB so that I can contact you guys personally when we’re setting dates for meetings.



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