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The Conservative Party has, in recent years, made ‘Social Action Projects’  a key priority in keeping with their compassionate Conservative agenda. BUCF has always prided itself on keeping abreast of developments within the political and social world and it is in this light that we have decided to create the role of ‘Social Action Officer’ on the BUCF committee. The role of the Social Action Officer, as the title suggests, is to liase with the BUCF Local Officer, local assosciations and the BUCF Committee to encourage BUCF’s active participation in any social action projects that are presented to us.

I am delighted to announce that this role will be fulfilled by BUCF member and local Conservative activist Sahar Rezazadeh. Sahar is a keen, popular and committed activist for the Conservative party and I know she will be a fine addition to the committee. Sahar has published this short bio for our readers to get to know her a bit better which will shortly be added to the Committee page. I wish Sahar the best of luck and I know the committee and the members will look forward to her exciting new ideas.

Sahar is currently in her second year of Political Science. Her loyalty to the Conservative cause started at the age of 12 as the Conservative candidate in the school mock elections. In 2006, Sahar was elected as one of the five Members of the UK Youth Parliament for Birmingham. As a result, she went on to dedicate tremendous time to youth issues and is now an inspiration for young people to become more actively involved in their communities. Sahar has worked with many charities and organisations in the past including Save the Children, St Basils, Peace Child International and the UPF to mention but a few. She wants to ensure that BUCF is the most active branch in leading on Social Action Projects because ‘everything starts at the grass-roots’

Sahar x


17 thoughts on “BUCF Committee – Social Action Officer

  1. Joining the labour movement is probably the best way you lot could get involved in social action projects. Two years ago we campaigned against the BNP in Sandwell, last year we took part in a massive graffiti clean project in Brandwood and this year we are campaigning to end age discrimination in the minimum wage. On top of all this our movement is the only social force in the country that consistently campaigns for equality and social justice – two concepts the Tories have problems with.

    Just batting some ideas around…

  2. Hi Tom ‘my social action projects are bigger than yours’ Guise.

    Being as conservatives believe that state action isn’t always the key to addressing societal issues, social action or volunteer work is a key part of any Conservative organisation – and it is the case that Conservative Party members are far more likely than Labour members to do voluntary work.

    Social action could include anything from mentoring youngsters to organising a Christmas for people from a local old people’s home. It’s about getting your hands dirty. Your current dubious ‘campaign’ to equalise the minimum wage has nothing to do with social action.

  3. I don’t think you need to get your hands dirty for social action to occur. Why have you put inverted commas over the campaign? It’s as if you don’t believe it exists.

    I really don’t buy in to the david cameron ‘lets have a nice photo op’ idea of social action.

  4. Thank you Joseph and Praguetory :-D

    As for Tom, one of the differences between Labour and the Conservatives is that Labour emphasizes the role of the state and hence State intervention while Conservatives emphasize the role of individuals in society, hence Social Action.

    So that makes the Conservatives the party of responsibility, the individual, choice and therefore Social Action! ;-)


  5. Is it not possible that both the state and individuals have a role to play. whatever we think of social action it should not be a massive competition. I mean imagine a bidding war between comic relief and children in need.

  6. Competition already exists, and has existed in the NGO or ‘Third Sector’ (charities etc.) for quite some time, and it makes perfect sense. Some organisations are better able to take action on social issues, in the UK and beyond the UK than others are. Competition is as healthy and as necessary for success in this sector, at every level, as it is in the private sector. Competition however does not mean a lack of cooperation – for instance between the state, individuals, private enterprise and NGO’s – it it entirely possible for them all to work together to achieve common goals, and really its more sensible that way; more can be accomplished. Look at our best universities; the more progressive ones, the ones which do best and end up in the Global 100 league tables, are the ones with exactly that combination ensuring their success.

  7. Congrats Sahar and welcome to the committee! I’m looking forward to working with you in the future!
    I was also a part of UKYP when I was at school :)

  8. I’m guessing your James? The editor of the blog? Either way, thank you for your kind wishes and great to hear about your involvement in the UKYP! ;-D


  9. Congratulations Sahar! I’m sure we’ll get to meet each other and have a chat very soon! I hope your’e second year continues to go well x

  10. As former Chairman, I say well done for this aspiration. Hope to come back to Brum Uni and see this in action someday soon.

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