Wikinominics – the future face of capitalism?

Last night I ventured up Oak Hill Tree Road, to listen to a Birmingham post graduate student, who along with studying the intricacies of Chemistry (couldn’t do it at GCSE let alone postgrad!) gives small seminars to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

The discussion was on Wikinomics, which is a book that was launched in 2006, it is based on four main ideas Openness, Peering, Sharing, and Acting Globally.

The word wiki originates from the Hawaiian word for fast (see learn some everything day don’t you!?)

Essentially the idea is the biggest latest companies share a huge amount of their information, we go to use their products to share our ideas.

Examples include; google, facebook, ebay, Amazon and well I guess even WordPress!!

It was stressed to us that this is the way to move forward, it seems like a bit of a fusion between capitalism and socialism. Everyone makes a profit type of ideal.

I think perhaps the wikipedia page on wikinomics sums the book up and the ideas best when it quotes Choice Magazine and says perhaps it presents an optimistic overview of successful collaborations and business ventures’ and ‘more consideration [to] the darker sides of human motivation’

It certainly was a very interesting talk and promoted quite a few ideas in my head. I will perhaps at a later date go into explaining the intricacies at a later date.

Thank you to the guys at BuildEnterprise for putting this on. It was there first event, the idea of the company is to try and get young entrepreneurs meeting from a young age. It definitely was a fascinating experience and one which has provoked a few thoughts!

Jimmy McLoughlin – Area Chairman of Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull.


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