Prince Charles at 60



9 thoughts on “Prince Charles at 60

  1. What… the future head of states 60th birthday? There is no story… merely a picture to recognise the importance of the day. What is sad is making a fuss about it.

  2. HAHA Brigid! Outrageous. Neither to be honest. Besides Thatcher is a god and must not be thought of in such ways and Charles… is a man… and an old one at that lol. However if I was to pick a member of the royal family it would definately be Zara.

  3. I congratulate His Majesty on his birthday celebrations. It is great that this group of young people celebrate the monarchy.

  4. I have always believed that the monarchy is what makes us distinct as a nation if we lose it we become indistinct. Also there is no viable, attractive altrenative to the monarchy which makes any question about its future irrelevant.

    Who would you rather have… Queen Elizabeth II or President Gordon Brown? The Queen has more grace, dignity and statesmanship in her little silk glove than Gordon Brown could ever hope to command. But more than this she brings to bear a formidable grasp of current affairs and an invaluable wealth of experience which is vital in a head of state.

    She also attracts more intrigue and attention than arguably any other head of state in the world. She can upstage and humble even the most powerful leaders of the world just by entering a room. We need our Queen. We need our monarchy.

  5. I seriously doubt she attracts more intrigue and attention than Barack Obama – ok he’s not head of state yet but he will be very soon.

    And no…we don’t need the monarchy.

  6. Tom I challenge you to do a blog as to why we dont need the monarchy and I will do one as to why we do… then we shall compare and I shall force you to retract your statement. Incidently yes Barack Obama is attracting alot of attention… remember Tony Blair did that once! The gloss will wear off and when his policies push the global economy in to a deeper recession he will be public enemy number1. The Queen by contrast is above the fray she will remain popular until the day she dies.

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