Who’s really playing party politics?


Before todays Prime Ministers Questions I looked at Gordon Brown as a shrewd but ultimately manipulative political operator who would sell his soul for political advancement, however today after his outrageous behaviour in regard to Camerons legitimate concerns regarding the ‘Baby P’ case, I realise just how cynical and contemptible our Prime Minister and his party really are.

After finding myself moved and intrigued by Camerons legitimate concern regarding the appalling Baby P case, I found myself filled with a new emotion following Gordon Brown’s typically elusive responses: rage. This rage resulted in me shouting obscentities at the TV screen particularly after he accused Cameron of playing party politics over this harrowing issue.

The fact is that this case higghlights just how contemptable and incompetent Labour really are. The Labour controlled Haringey Council is the local authority in charge of the ‘Baby P’ case and Cameron rightly attacked it and its procedures because it was the authority responsible for the care of Baby P, who died in brutal circumstances despite 60 visits by health and social care workers over an eight-month period.

What makes this situation even more important was the fact that it comes so soon after another disastorous failure on the part of the same authority which resulted in the unneccessary death of Victoria Climbie. To add insult to injury it is doubtful if any justice will be served as the head of the investigation in to the latest failure is none other than Sharon Shoesmith, the chairwoman of the Haringey safeguarding children board. So somehow she is expected to investigate and criticise her own department impartially?!

Cameron was entirely right to focus on this issue as it ties in perfectly with his social policy which encourages more responsibility and accountability. However as is typical with the Labour government responsibility and accountibility are not first and foremost on their agenda. It is them not us who are playing party politics and it is them who should be duly ashamed of themselves and their MP’s abhorrent behaviour today.

Truth is if anyone is playing party politics it is Brown. Perhaps someone had a guilty conscience? Perhaps he realised that it is the contemptable social indifference of the Labour party that has led to these circumstances to arise… perhaps he ‘jumped before he was pushed’ before Cameron exposed the fact that it was a Labour led council that allowed this travesty to happen… again.


One thought on “Who’s really playing party politics?

  1. Stifling debate and going for the man not the ball is classic New Labour. As a contributor to the Big Red Book Of New Labour Sleaze, this incident comes as no surprise.

    PS – You haven’t promoted any of the events I have sent to you.

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