Political Sketch

Daniel Cowdrill


It was a historic victory, the culmination of an epic campaign in which both sides fought for the hearts and souls of their constituents. The Scottish Nationalists led by Alexander Salmond, were held off by the English Socialists as they clung on to their Scottish strong-hold of Glenrothes. Actually, ‘clung-on’ is probably an exageration. Labour held it comfortably, obtaining a majority of 6,737. 

The Nationalists had this rebuttal coming. Their case that an independent Scotland is a viable economic option was obliterated by Westminster bailing out the Royal Bank of Scotland with English tax-receipts. Perhaps, the Scots thought, the United Kingdom isn’t such a bad thing? 

Not only is the financial crisis reinforcing Labour’s northern bastions, it is also protecting Gordon Brown from a coup hatched by his internal enemies: the Blairites. Brown’s serious persona suits crisis management, and therefore the financial crisis has saved his leadership and probably secured it through to the next election. I suspect, however, that the recession will eventually lose its status as a crisis and Brown’s pedestal will be kicked from under him.


Considering politicians exist in part to reflect public opinion, some never seise to amaze me with their pathetic, misguided, hopeless, and embarrassing attempts to speak for the public. No one seriously thinks that Jeremy Clarkson should resign for his comments about prostitute-murdering lorry drivers, except for Chris Mole MP. Obviously seeing a ‘Sack Jeremy Clarkson’ band-wagon approaching, the honorable member leaped aboard. Unfortunately it’s a train to nowhere.


And no, I didn’t catch Obamania. Flanked by US flags waving soullessly in the thin air of the morning dusk, ‘Change’ had apparently arrived, though platitudes remain it seems.


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