BUCF Poll Result


Throughout election day BUCF members have had the chance to express who they wish to become the next US President. The polls have been up and down all day but ultimately as the poll closed at 11pm, John McCain has come out as the BUCF members man.





5 thoughts on “BUCF Poll Result

  1. Considering this is a Conservative site and those who have voted are probably conservatives, it’s interesting that the result is this close.

  2. Isn’t it… although you might want to have a word with a former chair of ours because my patience is running very thin. Apparently I am a censoring racist who can’t admit when he is wrong lol

  3. Interesting result -it is closer than I thought it would be considering this is a conservative site. Must say that I think at the end of the day, the right man won, but only time will tell.

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