BUCF Live US Election Coverage


Tonight as the results from the eagerly anticipated US election come in, BUCF will be continue its hallowed tradition of Live election blogging. We will keep eager beavers updated as the states turn blue for Barack or red for the Maverick. Myself and the Vice President will be spending the evening at a friends ‘Wine, Cheese and Crackers’ party (Wine because we will need it, Cheese because Obama’s campaign has been full of cheese and crackers because the yanks must be crackers to elect him) Overall it should be an enjoyable evening (results aside) and we will keep readers updated as to every up and down, twist and turn of what has already been a rollerccoaster ride of an election, which Im sure has a few more suprises up its sleeve.


6 thoughts on “BUCF Live US Election Coverage

  1. Too bad you’re not coming to the Guild results party! Was the thought of being surrounded by jubilant Obama supporters too much to bear?

  2. haha… I have a wine, cheese and crackers party to go to.

    Wine – because I will need it
    Cheese – Because it best reflects the nature of Obama’s campaign
    Crackers: Because if the yanks vote him in… they must be!

    And yes… the idea of being around jubiliant Obama supporters was going to be too much lol having said that… the BUCF poll result is pretty bloody close so I might be surrounded by jubiliant Oba-maniacs anyway! Hope you have a good night

  3. I wasn’t informed of this little party you’re having!

    I, however, will be feverently supporting Obama, with the added help of wine, gin, and friends. I’ll text you throughout the evening just to wind you up, when we pick up Indiana and Virginia..

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