BUCF Committee Early Vote

The BUCF Committee have ‘voted’ in the US Election and the results are as follows

JOHN MCCAIN                           BARACK OBAMA

* Dan O’Doherty (President)         * Laura Blyth (Vice President Ext)

* John Hefford (Vice President)    * Laura Markham (Society Secretary)

* Mathew Roper (Events Officer)  * Gareth Moore (Treasurer)

* Dominic Fisher (Local Officer)

* Louise Tuohey (Freshers Rep)


Thus the BUCF Committee Endorse John McCain for President.


7 thoughts on “BUCF Committee Early Vote

  1. McCake is baked. It’ll be an Obama victory.

    Also, it should really read: ‘The majority of the BUCF committee endorses McCain

  2. haha now now mrs VP… a committee works on a collective responsibility basis. I gave everyone the committee the chance to have their vote and more importantly I published the results for everyone to see. So everyone knows you, Laura and Gareth dont back McCain.

    I also gave members the chance to express their view… so far we have 33 votes in and its 52% – 48% in favour of McCain… so in this light a good committee should be collectively responsible as well doing their best to reflect the views of their membership. McCain is BUCF’s choice.

    If you want do a pro Obama blog tonight… I wont be offended lol

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