Osborne, Ross and Brand.

Jimmy McLoughlin, Area Chairman of Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull.

So this evening the news has come through that Russel Brand will resign from the BBC Radio 2 show.

I genuinely believe that this would not have happened if ‘Yachtgate’ hadn’t occured. The BBC at the start of last week launched one of the most intense media houndings I have ever witnessed purely on the basis of allegations. This led to both the Daily Mail and The Sun accusing them of left wing bias, it is unusual for parts of the media to attack one another particularly the BBC.

Both papers in the last two days have made very strong attacks against Brand and Ross, I believe the BBC desperate to try and regain some authority (and therefore have now turned their focus on Mandelson) therefore I believe they have heavily leant on Brand to resign.


7 thoughts on “Osborne, Ross and Brand.

  1. “So this evening the news has come through that Russel Brand will resign from the BBC Radio 2 show.”

    To which address do we send the letters of conragulation?

  2. The silver lining from the Osborne episode is that the Tories appear to have learned that the Beeb can not be appeased – Osborne used to be one of the biggest culprits of pandering to their sensibilities. I hope those days are gone.

  3. And now the Director of BBC Radio 2 (along with Brand) has resigned about this, and Ross has been suspended with no pay for 3 months. Could this get more ridiculous? Everyone from the PM down has weighed in on the subject. Andrew Sachs and his granddaughter are “happy” about the result; about two people being forced to resign – about a joke! There isn’t even any libel about this. Brand and Sach’s granddaughter did have a brief relationship, so that was fact. There wasn’t even anything criminal in it. OFCOM and the BBC are investigating further to look like they’re doing something, and to see how and why that particular segment got broadcast; for that really is the error. Not what was said, for it could of been handled between Sach’s, his agent, Ross and Brand if it hadn’t been broadcast; but the fact that an editing team at the BBC allowed it to go out to the general public. It is they who are more at fault than Ross and Brand. Noel Gallagher is right. This is a complete farce.

  4. Not sure I’d agree with the original post. The Sun have hated the BBC for a long time and love every chance to stick the knife in. As the paper is Murdoch’s publicity wagon, it’s no surprise they’ve used this incident to slag it off. They also have a vast array of anti-BBC columnists at their disposal.

  5. Yes, Jonathan Ross and Brand acted immaturely, but I don’t think it was the crime of the century. It is clear that they got slightly carried away, I have no idea what they were thinking, but equally, what did the editorial team think of it? It could easily have been edited or changed if they felt it wasn’t appropriate -the only area that that couldn’t be undone were the answer machine messages! The man is in his 70s and it was totally inappropriate. BUT there is clearly some truth in the allegations!

    It is right that Jonathan Ross was suspended; we deserve more and better from people like Ross -the answer machine messages were unforgivable and were clearly offensive to him. That the story was true does not make the message on the grandfather’s answerphone any better! Yes, we all make mistakes, but, there has to be some accountability; it is right that the situation is investigated.

    I object to the amount of media coverage that’s been given, and to the people who, subsequent to hearing about it on the news have tried to ‘stir things up’/’jump on the bandwagon’ by making complaints.

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