Reflections on the Bruges Dinner….

Last night the great and the good of the Tory party gathered in honour of the 20th Anniversary of Lady Thatcher’s Bruges speech. I was one of the privellaged few who escorted Lady T from her government jag to the event. As she appeared at the top of the stairs of the Grovesnor House Hotel’s Ballroom the assembled throng let out a roar of approval. It never ceases to amaze me how grown, often powerful, men and women descend in to quivering wrecks at the sight of the Iron Lady.

Even now 20 years after her ousting, which is increasingly regarded as the biggest mistake the Tory party has made in centuries, she still inspires the same love, respect and affection that she always did. When Lady Thatcher enters a room she is not merely ‘in it’… she owns it. Yet what always strikes me about her is the fact that despite her obvious status and grandure you cannot detect an ounce of pretention, arrogance or sense of self importance. I’ll give you an example.

After a rather hectic procession through the assembled guests she reached me and my guest James, as she spoke to us she asked where we were from, what we were doing… you know the usual, but what suprised me was the fact that when asked by James for a photograph she happily obliged despite obviously having many more people to meet. To add insult to injury James was having difficulty getting his camera to work as he did not want to blind her with the flash! A bit flustered he apologised and said to Lady Thatcher ‘I do apologise’ to which she replied: ‘You’re one of us dear, don’t fret’. (Luckily due to James’s mishap I ended up holding her hand and chatting to her for about 5 minutes! haha)

Aside from the exquisite food, Lord Tebbit delivered a great speech in which he called on the current Tory leader to show some Thatcherite conviction on Europe which was warmly recieved by the hundreds of gathered guests. By the end of the evening it was clear for all to see that Lady Thatcher was fading and as such she was ushered out of the room in one final grand procession. As she left the guests broke out in to raptuous applause, some with tears in their eyes, and finally when she reached the top of the stairs, in typical Thatcher fashion, she turned back to greet her adoring crowd with a wave and a smile.

As she left the crowd, who began to be reffered to as ‘Thatchers groupies’, broke out in to spontanious “TEN MORE YEARS! TEN MORE YEARS! TEN MORE YEARS!” Those words sum the evening up perfectly. The night belonged to Lady Thatcher and she will always occupy a very special place in the hearts of many millions of people in this country and around the world. What a woman.


8 thoughts on “Reflections on the Bruges Dinner….

  1. Dan, it sounds like you had a wonderful evening! Despite being in the US, I read your report with a photo of Cameron and Thatcher next to me (the outgoing intern thought it might be a nice welcome gift!)

  2. “Luckily due to James’s mishap I ended up holding her hand and chatting to her for about 5 minutes!”

    Mate she’s like 100… this is sicker than Russell Brand’s phone calls

  3. no. 1 – shes not 100
    no. 2- It was clearly a joke…. hence why you conveniently missed out the ‘HAHA’ to make it sound as if i was being serious

    Look it is clearly not meant in any serious way but it is an exaggerated way to highlight what many readers of BUCF consistently wind me up about… my devotion to Lady T!

  4. “Justice Secretary Jack Straw has been asked to revamp the way sex offenders are treated after a recent article published by Daniel O’Doherty, President of Birmingham University Conservative Future.

    Amid calls from a Daily Mail working group for sex offenders to be chemically castraited by means of annual injections, an eagle-eyed regular visitor to the BUCF blog, who also signs the sex offenders register, was stunned by Mr O’Doherty’s article. “It was amazing. I’m currently going through rehab and attempting to get myself on the straight and narrow by avoiding sexual urges completely. After reading Daniel’s article, however, I’ve been urge-free for almost 3 days now. I’ve even had the photo of him and Lady Thatcher enlarged and put on my bedroom wall, just to put me in the right frame of mind every morning.”

    Experts are urging the Ministry of Justice to look into issuing all newly-released sex offenders with a copy of Daniel’s article and a 72 inch poster print of DOD and Lady Thatcher. Sources close to Jack Straw have said he is very impressed with the idea, with Health Secretary Alan Johnson already coming forward and hailing the article as a potential cure for premature ejaculation.

    Daniel O’Doherty was unavailable for comment last night.”

  5. legend lol…. although I have disagreed with him from time to time but ultimtely hes on my wavelength. I know hes not your favourite person jack so I see no need to go on an anti tebbit rant.

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