Reflections of Berkshire

At the weekend I travelled to the lovely setting of Wellington College in Berkshire, for one of the most enjoyable political events of the year. The Young Briton Foundation every October host their political training conference. It is simply an outstanding event which I thoroughly enjoy going to year in year out.


The range of speakers that attend is absolutely amazing, this year we were treated to parliamentarians such as John Whittingdale OBE, Ed Vaizey, Nigel Evans, Eric Pickles, David Davis, Douglas Carswell and the very impressive Iain Duncan-Smith. Unlike a normal conference or event though you actually get an opportunity to engage with the guest speakers afterwards and get to grill them on a more personable level.


In addition, YBF also introduce the attendees to a much wider political movement which is not that easy to come across if you don’t know it is there. For example we were treated to seminars from the TaxPayer’s Alliance, Alan Mendoza from the Henry Jackson Society (who are putting on an event with the head of USA Homeland Security this week) and of course there is also a strong contingent of media training led by TVs own Iain Dale.


Throughout the week I will try and attempt to post some of the things I learnt from the week with particular highlights.


I will levae you with a clear theme that ran through the whole weekend. If we want to learn and how to get on and win, going to YBF events for youngsters is clearly the way forward, I learn so much every year from going, and their experience is invaluable.


Ps. I would like to thank Donal, Christian and all the hard working staff at Welington College for putting on a truly remarkable weekend.


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