Haider Gay Shock

I, and Conservative Austria, was shocked to discover today that the late leader of the far right Alliance for the Future of Austria, Jorg Haider, was in fact in a long term gay relationship… despite being a married father of two. Stefan Petzner – the 27-year-old who recently replaced Haider as leader of the right wing Alliance for the Future of Austria and has often appeared in tears on television since his death – effectively outed himself as the deceased’s gay lover while being interviewed on an Austrian radio breakfast show.

“I had to go to him. I had to go to him,” Mr Petzner said in his highly emotional interview as he recalled how he rushed to the hospital where the dead body of 58-year-old Haider was lying after his fatal crash in early October. Admitting that he felt a “magnetic attraction” for Haider, whom he met five years ago while working as a cosmetics reporter, Mr Petzner insisted: “We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship. Jörg and I were connected by something truly special. He was the man of my life.”

Mr Petzner has since been dismissed from his new position after revealing the affair. Haiders death in a drink and drive crash earlier this month sent shockwaves around Austria. His funeral was lavish and almost like a ‘heros funeral’. This revelation, which had long been suspected, will send further shockwaves around a deeply conservative country.


7 thoughts on “Haider Gay Shock

  1. Other than him having an affair and cheating on his wife, I don’t really see the significance of it being a male he was cheating with.
    Maybe I’m just overly liberal.

  2. Dan, it seems you shot yourself in the foot by posting that link.

    Show me the word “gay” which stars in your headline. And please tell people who read this that it is your inference. From the words reported I do not see that they must be those of Haider’s “widower” rather than someone who was infatuated with a charismatic personality.

  3. It is widely reported that Haider was in a gay bar with Petzner on the night he died with austrian media providing pictures of said meeting. Furthermore Stephan Petzner was Haiders chosen successor despite his youth and relative inexperience. Furthermore Petzner’s behaviour has been eratic and emotional since his death which has only fuelled speculation that the two were in a gay relationship.

    Perhaps the biggest factor in this is the fact that his widow has not denied these claims. The fact remains that Haiders sexuality has been brought in to question for years particularly as he surrounded himself with often young ‘pretty boys’ which is why his party became knnown as ‘Haiders boy party’. He may not have been gay… but having relations with another man as far as I am concerned would be regarded as ‘gay’ act… hence why this is a ‘gay scandal’.

    Oh… the telegraph reports that “rumours surfaced of his homosexuality to which he refused to confirm or deny” Now Im sorry if you werent gay… you WOULD deny them.


  4. Incidently I should point out I couldn’t really care less if he was gay or not. We needed a story for the day and this seemed like a quick and easy one

  5. Let us end here. I hope you get my point that your posting “gay” as a fact was not right. Writing about a man who died in horrific circumstances – drunk or not – should not be the quick and easy choice.

    For the record – I have been both in a gay club and in a gay bar. Both times with my girlfriend. So what?

    There are tons of vicious rumours about all sorts of topics on the internet. This blog is credible and fun to read and should stay so.

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