The home stretch…

We now enter the home stretch of the keenly anticipated American election, after a race in which the polls have gone up and down more times than Gordon Browns jaw. Now the result looks pretty clear: Obama’s bagged it. There is an air of euphoria surrounding Obamassiah and his supporters which begs one simple question: why are you suprised?! I can’t understand why people are acting as if he has had such a fight on his hands to win this election and why he has done soooo well to secure this victory. It was always his.

For the past two years if not more the next election (2008) was seen as the Democrats to lose. The consensus amongst many commentators up until last year was that Mickey Mouse could be on the Democratic ticket and still walk in to the White House in January 2009. All the conditions for victory are there: popular charismatic candidate, an adoring media, a broken economy, collapsing housing market, two unpopular wars, soaring national debt, battered international reputation and most important of all, their nominee is on the opposing side to one of the most unpopular Presidents in US history.

The Democrats should have had it all… but what many Dems miss is the fact that their ‘messiah’ and the self professed ‘chosen one’ nearly buggered it all up. Up until a month ago John McCain for the first time took a sustained and credible lead in the polls. At a time when the Democrats should have been leagues ahead and picking all but picking out the drapes for the Oval Office, the Maverick of the Senate came out fighting and the chosen one was on the ropes. It is in that light that there is nothing spectacular about the ‘Obama victory’ if and when it happens.

Yes hes black… whoopdeedoo, personally I am more impressed with the fact he won the nomination than the Presidency. The nomination battle was a real fight, the actual election should and always was going to be a walkover for the Democratic nominee whom ever it was. So in that light I find it more impressive to be the first black nominee for President rather than the first black President.

I do think the actual result will be closer than many think for a plethora of reasons I shall happily go in to should anyone wish but ultimately I believe the result will be the same: Obama will get it. Having said this I will still fight for McCain in the last ditch. He is the better candidate, Obama is the better salesman. Although there is light for the Conservatives at the end of the tunnel because looking at his plans and the crumbling economy he inherits I believe he will be a one term wonder which will ultimately lead to President Palin 2012 who can clear up his mess in the way the Iron Lady did: with one hell of a tough tonic! whoop whoop!

So no I don’t find it amazing he won it… I find it amazing there was a credible belief he could lose it.


7 thoughts on “The home stretch…

  1. Oh God Dan. If there was anything we’ve ever differed on, it’s been this hasn’t it?
    I see your point. Happily. However, your dismissal of THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB I find slightly distasteful.
    Also. The idea that Palin would ever be President I find more terrifying than, well, pretty much anything. The woman is a bumbling, under-qualified, sensationalist idiot. And NOT, no matter what she says, a feminist.

  2. I don’t think there’s any way you will see a President Palin. Once the initial bounce died down, McCain’s ratings plumeted and it is a widely held view that choosing Palin has been a disaster, and he is losing votes in key areas because of it. I very much doubt she will be anywhere near the White House ever. American people just don’t want her and don’t rate her.

  3. let me clarify… ‘Presidennt Palin’ is a personal hope rather than a realistic prospect. I don’t think she will become president… then again stranger things have happened. I think that it is a bit rash to say ‘America people don’t rate her’ the religious right love her and the neo cons love her even more. She has many millions of backers im sure… just not enough to overturn obamarama.

  4. I think that it is a bit rash to say ‘America people don’t rate her’ the religious right love her and the neo cons love her even more.

    Well, with friends like these… ;)

  5. I think we miss the point slightly here, the US election is completely based on personality, so even if there was a political genius in the running, if he can’t speak, he won’t win. (I only say him due to the fact there hasn’t been a woman who has gained the nomination yet.)

    McCain was the better candidate, but he can’t woo a crowd the same way. Considering the limits of the Presidents power anyway, this election looks like being a shot in the arm for America’s image, but a kick where it hurts for everything else.

    Finally, this might seem something of an odd question, but when Obama wins the election do you think America can carry on their affirmative action policies? Surely a country with a black president can’t be institutionally racist?

  6. Q: I assume there was some sort of society referendum to determine which candidate BUCF should endorse? To be honest, I doubt that a majority of members would support John McCain. I could be wrong of course…

  7. A: LOL… There was no formal ‘referendum’ however I will be hosting BUCF’s very own Presidential poll on November 4th to decide who we would vote for… so i guess we shall see what the members think.

    However from the members, and indeed committee members, I have spoken to about the situation the vast majority are in favour of McCain. So far I have only found Dan and Laura B in Obama’s corner… and Laura B only decided when Palin became VP which was after the ‘BUCF endorses McCain’ logo was placed on the site.

    Anyhoo I guess we shall see what the result is on November the 4th.

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