Off with his head!

A Scottish Labour councillor has launched a tirade of abuse at the Queen and the Royal Family. Renfewshire Council member Terry Kelly (sounds like a bloody stage name) launched the tirade in an online article entitled ‘The Queen was in her counting house counting her money’ (Catchy title… for a 3 year old). His rant has been labelled ‘unaccpetable’ by Labour party officials who are considering disciplinary action against the leftie councillor. Kelly claimed:

  • Britain would be better off if the Royal family were murdered
  • Described the Royals as a bunch of ‘parasite halfwits’
  • Claimed Princess Anne looks and acts like a bulldog chewing a wasp
  • Lampooned Princes William and Harry as the ‘Chuckle Brothers’
  • Claimed the brother use both hands to find their arse!
  • Branded the Queen a ‘sectarian racist’ and ‘puppet’

Labour often criticise the Tories and claim that our ‘progressive’ front bench is in fact a cover for the traditionalist backbenchers and grassroots that ‘control the party’. Well I think it is plain to see that Labour are in fact guilty of a similar charge. Only the difference is while our backbenches are harmless loyalists, their backbenches and grassroots are filled with radical left wing anarachists completely out of touch with public feeling and plot rebellion and revolution! 

With the monarchy riding high in the popularity stakes (currently 80% approval) I am confident that no-one will take this malcontents rant seriously. There has already been an outpour of public anger in Scotland which has forced the Labour party to take action on the matter. I believe that Kelly needs to be held to account for his words. Personally I hope they take him to the tower and have owf with his head however I don’t think that is realistic as the monarchy is indeed a 21st century institution, instead I certainly hope he is relieved of his duties as a councillor. He has sinced backtracked and claimed helplessly ‘It as a joookkkeeee’

Also I find this mildly amusing… he claims by ridding the country of the monarchy ‘Britain will catch up with the 21st century’… well judging by his photo its not the monarchy that needs to get in the 21st century!


5 thoughts on “Off with his head!

  1. Clearly this guy is a complete fool, and I have no doubt should he be removed from his oh so meager position that democracy wouldn’t be hurt for a moment, and no one would miss him. But remove the monarchy and . . . well, you tear out a crucial part of the workings, and indeed the foundation of our political system. The seedling of democracy came from the misuse of monarchical power (1215, Magna Carta), since before then, in what is commonly known as the “dark ages” monarchs were elected; in a first amongst equals system – the strongest of the nobility (so the toughest of the tough) were effectively made their “chairman.”

    But move forward, to after the time of Charles II, and you see that monarchy was an effective restraining mechanism for our early attempts at parliamentary democracy. These days it might be more of a symbol, but its a symbol that demonstrates we can retain our traditions whilst still being a progressive, advanced, and active modern democracy – unlike some European Republics who seem to lament the loss of their royal families. And as you rightly pointed out, they are high in the approval ratings, and they generate (probably, though I’ve not checked) many millions in tourist revenues.

    Quite simply the monarchy is as much a part of the back bone of our country as the Pennines, and no puney Scottish Councilor is going to convince me (nor any of you as far as I can tell) that we are in any hurry to remove them. Better to remove him – clearly he hasn’t the sound mind the locals of his area require him to have.

  2. i absolutely detest the monarchy, however, I’m mature enough to accept that lots of people respect and cherish it (can you link to that poll dan?) so i doubt i’d ever have my way.

    this bloke gives republicans a bad name, shame on him.

  3. As soon as the monarchy is off, so am I (and i certainly don’t think i am alone in this sentiment)!!!

    Such statements are indeed out of touch, and the sign of an un-educated bafoon!

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