McCain’s Stance on Health of the Mother

I am aware that this post will go against the normal grain of the blog, being pro-Republican. However after watching the recent debate, some things did stick in my throat more than usual. So I’d like to take this small oppertunity to write a letter to the Republican candidate:


Dear McCain,

Please refrain from using airquotes when you refer to the health of a Mother. It’s offensive and I find it slightly disgusting. I also suggest you acquire a uterus before making such bold statements about the apparent ‘extreme pro-choice’.

Yours, Laura.


2 thoughts on “McCain’s Stance on Health of the Mother

  1. :O

    I know you warned me about this Laura… but…. Im in shock lol… you’d think being a ‘censor’ as BULS claim… Id dispose of this post… funny old world innit?

    Personally I am as pro life as John McCain, in no circumstances would I sanction abortion. However that is a personal prefereance and I would not ever dream of incorporating such a stance in to any political campaign, nor would I tamper with existing laws.

  2. Well like you say, at least I did warn you! And it would have hardly been fair to censor my opinion on one of the very few blogs I’ve written!

    The exact point is that no matter what your personal opinion, it is ludicrous and offensive to try and legislate abortion in such away. That removes a woman’s right to choose. It’s all very well for McCain, as a man who would not be affected by the view he was putting across, to take such a staunch pro-life stance, but to be so blase about the health of the mother whos life he would be jeopardizing is offensive to me.

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