Nancy Reagan Hospitalised

Nancy Reagan is in hospital after a fall at her Bel Air mansion. The Former First Lady and wife of President Ronald Reagan fell and shattered her pelvis after twisting her leg in the night. Now whilst I do not approve of using Mrs Reagan’s accident for political purposes I do feel that McCain could invoke the memory of her husbannd as a timely reminder of the Reagan legacy in his final debate with Barack Obama. Tonight is do or die for McCain if he has any chance of reviving his campaign, however given the state of the economy I think that ship has now sailed, he has to pull out all the big guns and Reagan is one of them.

McCain will obviously make reference to the ‘GOP Sweetheart’ Mrs Reagan and wish her a speedy recovery but I believe he should go one further by reminding the Americans of the problems Reagan faced when he came in to office, the questions about his age that dogged his candidacy etc and remind Americans how he ultimately overcame them to become perhaps the greatest President America has ever seen. Either way BUCF wishes Mrs Reagan a quick recovery and John McCain all the luck in the world as he faces off with Obama for one final time before the election.


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