Oh dear, Oh dear

As many readers of BUCF will be aware our beloved dictator DOD has come in for a great deal of criticism for his recent post ‘ridiculing the credit crunch’. His Imperial and Dictatoral Majesty DOD offers to make a full apology as soon as another individual as gloomy and depressing as the crunch itself also makes a full apology for his recent joke about the situation and collapsing banks…The Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party.

Having said this His Grace is delighted that BULS holds him in higher regard than their own chief comrade and chose to comment on his ‘gaffe’ rather than their own supreme and beloved leaders. Although he is a humble man he agrees… he is more relevant at this time than Comrade Brown but, true to form, acknowledges it is nice to see Brown is able to laugh about a situation he actually helped to cause. In a further shock twist no sooner had the BUCF Joke blog been criticised by The Birmingham University Labour Stooges, his Dicatoral Majesty found an unlikely source of support… that last bastion of left wing politics… the BBC. ;)


3 thoughts on “Oh dear, Oh dear

  1. Some good gags on the Beeb – I’m surprised.

    By the way, thanks for the event the other night. You should get new members Alex and Adam doing a post. They seem switched on.

  2. I might have found Brown’s joke funny had I been in the room, it’s an off-the-cuff remark trying to cover-up the fact that he got distracted by a disturbance in the room. Anyway, watching it on that video I didn’t find it funny.

    You’re joke earlier in the week was not funny, not because you made it about the credit crunch but because it just wasn’t funny. It’s the same reason I don’t find Bernard Manning, Benny Hill or Jim Davidson. Your joke wasn’t funny because it drawed on national cultural imagery, a type of humour that doesn’t appeal to me. Anywho, I felt it blogworthy because it was something I saw and wanted to point out, whilst also ending a blog draught at BULS and striking up atleast some form of conversation.

  3. Good grief – I thought educational standards were low under Labour, but that second paragraph from Tom comes close to absolute collapse. YOUR DREW DROUGHT and good luck finding those three comedians (two are dead).

    More of this and you’ll be promoting ‘Brits are po-faced idiots’ as a ‘national cultural image’

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