Credit where it’s due…

Now as a staunch backer of John McCain I probably shouldn’t say this but I feel I should give credit where credit is due. I watched an interview Michelle Obama did with Larry King last night and I found her to come across as really genuine and decent. To my great suprise I found myself thinking… hang on… this woman has got something.

Perhaps what endeared me to her most was the fact that she came across as far more genuine than her husband does. I liked the fact how she was complementary to Sarah Palin when she didn’t have to be, I liked her gracious references to Hillary Clinton something which I think her husband has managed poorly and most importantly I liked the fact that she didn’t wallow in or latch on to John McCains somewhat questionable tone of phrase in the last Presidential debate when he refered to Obama as ‘that one’. I think that comment smacked of playground politics and was very unlike McCain.

I wholeheartedly believe McCain has the answers America needs, not wants… but needs. He can defeat Barack Obama in the battle of ideas and not through childish aggressive responses like that. Now back on topic much of what I have written regarding Michelle Obama has been negative. I greatly disapprove of her remarks that her husbands nomination was the first time in her life when she was actually proud of her country and more importantly her failure to attend the 9/11 commemorative ceremonies. Up until now I just didn’t think she had done enough to warrant being First Lady.

However after her interview last night I must admit I warmed to her and if Obama has to be the next President, I bloody hope not but if he has to be, Im glad that he has someone as seemingly level headed and graceful by his side to keep him in line. Perhaps she can drill some sense in to him!


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