BUCF President’s Iron Lady Mark II

President Victor Yushchenko of Ukraine has dissolved Parliament and called a snap election. He accused opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko of wrecking the government through her thirst for power. Why might I blog on this you may ask? Well I have briefly met Mrs Tymoshenko last year when she was in London visiting Conservative ‘big wigs’ and most notably former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which is why I take a keen interest in events in Ukraine. During that brief meeting I was bowled over by her grace, her passion and her sheer charisma.

Perhaps what endeered her to me most was the fact that Tymoshenko has never hidden her admiration of the Iron Lady. She said her self ‘she (Thatcher) saved the world’. But more than this blind praise, Yulia has long been an admirer of Margaret Thatchers economic reforms and hopes to replicate them in Ukraine. With her blonde braided hair that is her trademark, in the same way as Thatcher’s perm and pearls were, Tymoshenko said “I have long-admired Lady Thatcher and drawn inspiration from her success in transforming her country from being a “sick man” of Europe into one of Europe’s strongest economies and raising UK living standards to one of the highest in the world. Her model has been followed and emulated by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and even Nicolas Sarkozy the new President of France.”

She continued to say “She was firm in adversity and stood up to oppression when others remained seated. Her words spoke for countless millions across Eastern Europe who had no voice. She helped write a new chapter for our nation and for the world and we remain indebted to her courage.” Tymoshenko has the same courage, conviction and indeed arrogance of the Iron Lady and I certainly hope that she will bring in a new era of ‘Iron Lady Politics’. Eastern Europe in particular at this time needs that type of leadership.


8 thoughts on “BUCF President’s Iron Lady Mark II

  1. In Eastern Europe, Thatcher is the most respected living politican by a country mile. Passing British Conservatives are treated like royalty thanks to her work.

  2. thats because, unlike us, they really know the horrors of communism and what it is like to live under real dictatorship and in real fear. Thats why it always amuses me how bad the left think it was under thatcher… they should have lived in those countries and seen what real poverty was.

  3. “thats because, unlike us, they really know the horrors of communism and what it is like to live under real dictatorship and in real fear. Thats why it always amuses me how bad the left think it was under thatcher… they should have lived in those countries and seen what real poverty was.”

    What a moronic thing to say. You can’t excuse economic chaos because things are worse in another country. It’s like saying that the stephen lawerence fiasco was ok because of the holocaust. And what has the eastern block really got to with Thatcher’s failings?

    I don’t think mass-unemployment in britain was made funny by tyranny in the eastern block.

  4. Jack as courteous as ever. For a start my tongue in cheek reference to the Thatcher years and the eastern block is to highlight the fact that most of Thatchers opponents, particularly in the Labour party, promoted policies that were very similar, at least ideologically, to the policies practised in the soviet eastern block. History shows who was right in that ideological debate.

    As far as I am concerned Thatcher did what Labour should have done years before her. She recognised “our economy was in a dire state, Idi Amin was offering us bananas as humanitarian aid, the rubbish mountain in Leicester Square and the country was going no where and the dead were left unburied. Thatcher made necessary market liberalisations.” that quote is from… LABOURHOME. Similarly when Thatcher came in inflation was hitting 30% so don’t try and suggest that before Thatcher it was some sort of utopia because it bloody wasn’t.

    Thatcher recognised to her great creddit that unemployment was on a steady and continual rise year on year. She understood that if we were ever going to recover our economy had to be revolutionised. Sadly no revolution is without its casualties and there were plenty under Thatcher. But the difference is there are those within the Labour party who would have happily sat on the fence and watched the economy collapse around their ears with unemployment gradually rising year on year. She wouldn’t. If she had the revolution which had to come would have been alot more painful. Its like a cancer if you leave it too long it spreads, the longer you leave it the more needs cutting out.

    She knew in order to ensure our long term stability we needed to have a short term revolution in our economy which did produce disproportional levels of unemployment which by the mid 80’s did began to fall for the first time in years. History has proven her correct. As the 80’s and 90’s progressed the full effects of her economic revolution set in, stability began to return and up until recently was entrenched in our national life.

    Look we can argue until we are blue in the face but the political and economic landscape is now essentially thatcherite. We operate in ‘post Thatcher’ paradigms. Even her staunchest of critics at the time have come on board recognising that it was painful but neccessary. The whole third way ideoloogy at least in part is based on the economic lessons of Margaret Thatcher. That should say it all.

  5. Rewriting history again?

    The 2007 Leitch Report estimated that 7.9 million people of Brits of working age are economically inactive. Remember UB40’s ‘1 in 10’ – the 2008 new Labour remix would be closer to 1 in 5. Jiggerpokery on measuring unemployment isn’t fooling anyone.

    PS – Have you finally acknowledged ‘economic chaos’ here and now in the UK?

  6. Dan, the policies of Harold Wilson are hardly similar to those of Stalin. The most vociferous anti-communists after 1945 were labour MPs.

    No one is suggestting that life before Thatcher was a utopia. What I am suggesting is that a dictaitorship in a faraway country does not excuse the failings of a British Prime Minister.

    As for inflation and unemployment, why when battling inflation did she abolish the reserve assets ratio and double VAT at exactly the same time? Oh and speaking of the reserve assets ratio, its removal doesn’t seem so wonderful now does it?

    “unemployment which by the mid 80’s did began to fall for the first time in years. ” …and then rose again. To have one recession is to control inflation. To have two is to be a Thatcherite.

    A lot of thatcherism was either ditched or not implemented in the first place. Monetarism in its original form became a joke and we have already had the debate about that in a previous thread where you did a great job of embarassing yourself.

    Comparing the labour party with the soviets is like comparing the Tories to the nazis.

    PT, The Leitch report suggests increased investment in skills, something that you seem to oppose. It also advocates the setting up of a commission for Employment and skills while you talk of abolishing quangos. As to playing with the figures, the last conservative government changed the formula no fewer than 30 times. The report also states: “The UK’s employment rate – the proportion of the population in work – is one of the highest in the G7 at almost 75 per cent. The employment rate of disadvantaged groups, such as lone parents and people with health problems and disabilities, has risen faster than the average over the past decade.” It was also published in 2006, not 2007.

    So generally incorrect and wrong year but otherwise a brave effort. On the ‘economic chaos’, I notice that you failed to respond on this in our previous discussion.

  7. I for one don’t trust this ‘ice maiden’. Yulia Tymoshenko’s increasingly warm overtures to Russia are suspicious.

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