Credit Crunch Update

It seems that Japan has also fallen victim to the dreaded credit crunch… the news from over there makes grim reading indeed:

Oragami Bank has folded

Sumo-bank has gone belly up

Bonsai Holdings has announced plans to cut some of its branches.

Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will probably go for a song

Shares in Kamakazi Bank were suspended after they nosedived

Samurai Bank is soldiering on

550 workers have got the chop at Karate Bank

and last but not least analysts report there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where customers have, for a good while, been getting a raw deal.

See… everywhere is feeling the pinch ;)


8 thoughts on “Credit Crunch Update

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  2. I have never met you Mr Guise, but I think it is about time YOU grew up. Do you remember political satire? You were probably too young (or unborn) to see how left-wing satirists behaved when the much-needed Thatcherite medicine began to be shoved down the public’s throats.

    Twenty-five years on, all I see are fat bloated ‘right-on’ comedians doing voice-overs for nasty capitalist adverts and popping up on BBC 2 /BBC Radio. Ben Elton pissed off to Oz and the nauseous Jeremy Hardy with his smug grin make a packet out of panel programmes.

    I found Dan’s piece a bit of light relief in the midst of what is a thoroughly depressing and worrying time.

    By the way, is it true that Gordon Brown has asked everyone to smash up any CDs they own by The Sugarcubes, Bjork, or Sigur Rós?

  3. To clarify, I understand this is a worrying time for people and certainly am sympathetic towards that. I also have personal experience of it and have felt the ‘pinch’ as my family , particularly my grandmother, have alot of savings and shares in HBOS, Bradford and Bingley and other, which have taken the biggest battering. So in many ways you could say I more than most am sympathetic to this situation. But the fact is many would see this piece for what it is… satire! (hence the little wink at the end)

    This blog is not and cannot change the world or the situation but it can raise a smile in what seemms to be an incerdibly and continually gloomy and depressing time. Opposition for opposition’s sake tom?

  4. Lively debate makes me happy.
    Ridiculous rhetoric just to start an argument is one of the stupidest things ever.
    What about this wasn’t funny?

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