BUCF Conference drinks


BUCF dominated the first evening of conference with a drinks reception for party delegates in Brindley Place. Patrick McLoughlin, BUCF Honourary President, shouted over the sprawl of members to congratulate BUCF on an excellent event and to introduce the 2008 conference. 

A number of notables were in attendance not least David Fazakerley (Egdbaston Chairman) and Gareth Compton (Birmingham, Erdington Councillor), who have been terrific local supporters of our efforts over the last few years. Andrew Mitchell, Shadow Secretary for International Development, also made an appearance, and so too did Michael Rock, Chairman of Conservative Future, and Timothy Crockford, Deputy Chairman of the Tory Reform Group. Rumor has it that Alan Duncan was milling around, though most of us couldn’t see that far down.

We were delighted too to see a number of former BUCF committee members including the former Chair Theo Lomas and Jimmy McLoughlin, both now serving at regional CF level. 

Most importantly, perhaps, some brand-new members of BUCF were in attendance, for some of whom this was their first conservative party event. 

The turnout was excellent and a tribute to the determination and committment of Dan O’Doherty and the standing committee, who are lifting BUCF to new heights. The dynamism and confidence of the attendees is also a tribute to the exciting progress the Conservative party as a whole is making.

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