The Greatest Tory of all time…

Yesterday at the Conservative Party Conference Margaret Thatcher was voted the Greatest Tory hero of all time by a hefty margin. The former prime minister beat Sir Winston Churchill by 97 votes to 53 in a vote at a conference fringe meeting held inside the ICC secure zone. El Presidente was particularly pleased with the result… punching the air as it was announced!

Thatcher beat off other great Tories such as Winston Churchill, Edmund Burke and Benjamin Disraeli. However in the end the delegates decided that Thatchers personal courage and conviction, her achievements such as reviving the economy, transforming the opposition, becoming the longest serving PM of modern times, winning the Falklands against huge opposition and obviously being the first woman Prime Minister were too much to match.

Margaret Thatcher was, the panel decided, not just a Tory figure but a world figure. She commands huge devotion and indeed huge hatred however as the delegates rightly argued Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the greatest US President of all time was shot dead because he was so unpopular in some areas of America but he, like she, did what was neccessary and was right. She changed Britain, she changed the world and she is more than worthy of the title ‘Greatest Tory Hero of all time’.

In other news El Presidente finally got his chance to ‘have it out’ with Michael Hestletine. This was the conversation:

D’OD: Lord Hestletine, a few of us have just come back from a fringe meeting which voted Margaret Thatcher the greatest Tory of all time by a large margin. Do you not think given the fact that Thatcher still commands such respect and affection and the damage we as a party endured in the aftermath of her fall, that, in hindsight, removing her was a mistake?

Hezza: NO! It saved the party (tries to scurry off)

DO’D: With respect sir nearly 20 years of bitterness, anger, sleaze and disunity that arose from her fall hardly saved the party…it damn near destroyed it!

Hezza: I must be off


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