Freshers 2008

Well BUCF’s Freshers Fayre 2008 has officially finished. Sadly we were only able to have a stall for one day owing to some strained tensions between BUCF and the Guild of Students which resulted in late booking, strains which both sides are working to rectify in the coming weeks and months. The picture above shows a majority of the Committee, who remained behind afterwards to help with the clear up, looking rather ragged after what was a manic but enjoyable day.

Overall I would say that the day was a great success. Without sounding too optimistic, as all our new members and funds have yet to be fully counted, we feel that, by the end of our freshers festivities, we will have doubled our membership. We were also delighted to have a range of visitors to the stand including CF Birmingham, Solihull & Coventry Area Chairman Jimmy McLoughlin and YBF Christian May. We were also pleased to participate in an interview with the BBC’s Yvonne Murray full details of which will be made available soon.

I am also delighted at the response our Conference Drinks reception has recieved. As far as I am aware the Young Britons Foundation has added it to its list of the ‘best events in Birmingham’ and the National Executive Committee of Conservative Future has also recomended the event. What was set to be a quiet event looks set to become a hugely popular gathering.

I hope to see as many new and returning members as possible. Given our great showing today it seems that anything is possible. Sadly we didn’t take many pictures, owing to how frantic the day was, however the ones we did take have been uploaded to the ‘Past Events’ page.


6 thoughts on “Freshers 2008

  1. Congrats on a great start to the year, wish I could have been there to help but I will of course be attending the drinks reception!

  2. Well done. I wish you all the best for the year. If possible try and deal with the Guild staff rather than the elected officers – they are at least paid to be useful to clubs and societies without political bias.

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