Daily Bite: David Mili-bland

Today I decided I would watch a bit of the Labour party conference, after all everyone likes to watch a good comedy, and who should be at the podium but David Miliband. Percy pouter, aka Gordon Brown, could be seen clearly in the background keeping a watchful, and at times critical, eye on his wayward Foreign Secretary.

In his article in the Guardian earlier this year I thought that Labour might actually have a ‘leader with a spine’ in Miliband. No matter how it has been spun since, Milibands article was a blatant and direct attack on Gordon Brown, focusing on a future, which at least according to Milibands article, didn’t include Gordon Brown as his name wasn’t mentioned once. That ploy, to present himself as an alternative, backfired. Miliband then realised, as the polls continued to plummet, that it wasn’t in his interests to take over quite yet.

The display of unity that was put on today was at best hollow at worst comical. Even rabble rousing one liners like ‘These Tories are beatable’, ‘Labour are the party of equality’ and other such fantasies failed to bring the delegates to their feet. All in all David Mili-bland delivered nothing more than a safe and crowd pleasing speech devoid of solutions and rife with soundbites.

However it was interesting to note that there was an underllying tone in his speech that focused on Gordon Brown as ‘past it’. The complements that the Foreign Secretary lavished on the Prime Minister sounded like extracts from a forth coming political Obituary rather than his confidence in the PM to lead Labour today and tomorrow. All in all I think Brown will be satisfied. For now Miliband is out of the equation, he showed that he, at least now, doesn’t have the strength to lead Labour.

Ultimately Miliand was Labours only real leadership contender with a tiny glimmer of a chance. So I would say that Gordon is secure and it will be the electorate that eject him from Downing Street. The handshake at the end of the speech between David and Gor-liath looked uncomfortable and forced, with Brown unable to fully embrace Miliband who was attempting in vain to put his arm around the PM in a picture postcard display of affection. If Miliband is the best Labour have to hope for in a potential future leader… Tories… REJOICE!REJOICE!


2 thoughts on “Daily Bite: David Mili-bland

  1. Quite agree. Throughout conference, when each speaker has eulogised in the Gordon’s presence, the camera scans to his face have told us all we need to know. Brown knows full well that none of these tributes are genuine, he just scowls at those that make them in a contemptuous manner.

    He is being “lovebombed” this week, and the discomfort he must feel is visible.

    As for Milliband, well we hear that he was attempting to avoid his “Hezza moment”. Too late I am afraid, the damage has already been done. Rather than Heseltine, Milliband is Labour’s Portillo – pure and simple. He certainly does not have the support of those who are back running the show…..the brothers from the trades union movement.

    The influence these returning paymasters have had on this week’s events has been obvious. More opportunities to speak and the freedom to wax lyrical on those subjects that will frighten the voters (and some of the members) away for good.

    We know the Labour Party is of no relevance to today’s challenging times.

    I am grateful that they have spent millions of pounds up in Manchester proving it.

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