Theresa May 4 Equal Pay

Today marks the launch of Shadow Commons Minister Theresa May’s campaign ‘Theresa May for Equal Pay’, which she has founded in order to raise awareness at the staggering and unfjustifiable pay gap between men and women, which in some cases is as much as 17.2%.

The campaign, aimed especially towards young people, is shown with the launch of a Facebook group “Theresa May for Equal Pay” which also includes a collaboration with TVs June Sarpong and her recently launched website ‘Politics & The City’. According to the group in December an Equal Pay and Flexible Work Bill will be debated in the House of Lords which it is hoped will correct the gaps between men and women.

Gender pay difference is a cross party issue that affects women from all backgrounds and all pay brackets. On average a woman will forgo an estimated £300,000 over her lifetime. In this day an age such a reality is totally unacceptable, and so I strongly appeal to all people, no matter what your gender or political affiliation to show your support to this campaign.

“No matter what political beliefs women have, fair treatment should be something we can all support.”


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