Daily Bite

Conservatives across the country will be elated today to discover that our poll ratings have breached the 50% mark! The Ipsos MORI survey put the Tories on 52 per cent among those certain to vote, with Labour unchanged on 24 per cent and the Liberal Democrats down 5 to 12 per cent (despite Cleggs assurance the Lib Dems were heading for government!) The 28 point lead if produced in a General Election would give the Tories a landslide victory bigger than that of 1997 and plunge the Labour party in to obllivion.

The last time the Tories hit the halfway mark in any poll was in August 1988, a year after Lady Thatcher’s third general election win at the height of her popularity. The poll also found that the Conservative party was rated ahead of Labour on a range of key issues, with respondents saying the Tories have the best leadership and best understand the economic problems facing Britain.

What was interesting to note about the poll is the fact respondents suggested they are sympathetic to Gordon Brown’s plight, with over half saying they thought he was doing a reasonable job in difficult circumstances. This suggests Brown is not entirely to blame for the surge in Tory support. It seems that people have more confidence in the Conservatives to sort the country out… AGAIN!


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