Give it up Gordon!

As far as I am now concerned… Gordon Brown has had it. Before, I believed that there was a way back for him but now I believe it is clear that it is only a matter of time before yet another former political titan is forced out of office by their own party. It seems that each day brings a new story of plots and ploys to rid the country and the Labour party of one of the most unpopular Prime Ministers in history.

So far the ramblings have been by and large from relative ‘unkowns’ within the Labour party. It seems they wished to take the dive in the hope a bigger beast would follow and set the flood gates free which would engulf the Prime Minister. Up until now that seemed an unlikely scenario. However now it seems that that the day of reckoning is approaching as yesterday the BBC learnt that a Minister of State was planning to resign.

The unnamed minister said he believed the prime minister had failed to show the vision needed to lead the Labour party to victory at the next election. The minister said he could not continue to say Brown was the man to lead the party to victory when he did not believe that was the case. I believe that the minister’s resignation will be timed to coincide with the opening of the Labour party conference which will all but destroy any attempts of a ‘Brown rebrand’.

Browns days look increasingly numbered however I would bet any money that if Brown is booted out of Number 10… Labour may aswell hand the ‘keys of the castle’ to Cameron right now. Because then the game is well and truly up for Labour. The public, as much as they dislike Brown, won’t tolerate another farcical Prime Minister. Things are bad enough.


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