Obama, Marx 2008

Barack Obama’s skill to communicate has never been in question, it is what he is communicating that I take issue with. When you whittle down all the rhetoric of change, change, change, change, there are a few important theme being thrown around in his speeches: tax, tax, tax, tax, leftie, leftie, leftie. Barack Obama, despite the clever rabble rousing nature of his speeches, is a staunch and radical left winger. His record shows it and his plans for the Presidency show it even more.

First off Barack Obama’s economic plans for his Presidency represent not just a deeper recession but a new Depression. As time goes on I am more and more convinced that Barack Obama could become the next Herbert Hoover. In the dark days of 1932, with unemployment at 20%, Hoover perversely signed an increase in taxes that reversed the multiple cuts by his predecessor, Calvin Coolidge. Raising taxes for a sustained period as Obama proposes with massive increases in public spending represents a deeper recession or a new depression.

He has pledged that should he become President of the United States the tax breaks implented by the Bush administration would be reversed. Hoover more than doubled rates at the bottom of the tax schedule and he increased the top marginal tax rate to 63% from 25% and we know what happened next. Obama by contrast has proposed increasing every major Federal tax. He supports increasing individual income tax rates. He has proposed almost doubling the capital gains tax rate, from 15% today to 28%.

He supports more than doubling the tax on dividends, from 15% to as high as 39%. He has proposed numerous corporate tax increases. He supports increasing the death tax back to the levels that applied before Bush and he supports increasing the payroll tax on higher income earners. Obama needs these tax increases to finance his proposed massive increases in government spending approaching a trillion dollars over four years. All projections show and most economists are agreed that America cannot afford all the entitlement promises he has already made and increasing both taxes and spending is a recipe for disaster.

In addition his campaign website states ‘He [Obama] will use trade agreements to spread good labor and environmental standards around the world and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that fail to live up to those important benchmarks’  In other words, Obama will oppose any free trade agreements that he doesn’t feel disperse his economic policies. He wants to force other countries to adopt his standards instead of FREE trade agreements which allow nations to trade, well, freely. When you use pressure (in this case economic) to force another country to adopt your ways, that’s called at best imperialism at worst bully boy tactics!

However if his protectionist, tax hiking economic policy wasn’t bad enough his Marxist tendencies don’t end there. Since the Great Depression, Americans have been free to choose unions through secret ballot elections under Federal law and for 20 years now workers have been mostly rejecting predatory unions in those elections. Obama supports a plan that would allow unions to bypass those elections, and claim worker representation on the basis of signed check cards. In no uncertain terms American workers will lose their freedom of choice regarding unions if Obama becomes President.

Even looking as far back as his time in Chicago we also get some indication as to what he stands for: squatters and leftie law breakers. Obama has stated previously that he worked as a community organizer in Chicago when in fact he worked for the ultra-Left ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). ACORN itself brags on its website about its support for the practise of ‘squatting’. This involves breaking into unoccupied homes and settling low income families in them. By this evidence it is clear to see Obama has no respect for individual property rights.

Obama also has well known ties with a left wing group called ‘Weather Underground’ and terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who admit to bombing the Pentagon, New York City Police HQ and similar targets in the 60’s and 70’s. Obama started his political career seeking out the support of Ayers and Dohrn as mentors. They held fundraisers for Obama’s campaign, have contributed themselves and have spoken for him in local campaigns in the past. Now this alone would not be enough to condemn him as a radical left winger and his assosciation could be called ‘coincidential’ however given his ties to another radical left wing preacher one has to wonder.

A tie Obama can’t escape is that of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who famously suggested 9/11 was deserved. It is no secret that the church, of which Obama has been a member upwards of 20 years, advocates far left black liberation theology and it is unacceptable that Obama initially refused to condemn Wrights remarks that the terrorists of 9/11 were justified in their actions. Given the fact that Obama’s own wife couldn’t be bothered to show her face on 9/11 one really has to question whether he and his family deserve to occupy the White House if they don’t seem to have an inch of patriotism about them. (His campaign plane has recently removed the American flag you know!)

I don’t care how much he represses it or how the media conveniently ignore it… Barack Obama is a dangerous left winger. I find it beyond ridiculous that any Conservative can support him in his quest for the revolution Presidency given his stance on many issues which stand at pole opposites to traditional Conservative thought and policy. I sincerely hope that people will begin to look beyond the ‘nicey nicey’ persona and clever speeches he employs and scratch beneath the surface of this dangerous left wing radical before its too late.


4 thoughts on “Obama, Marx 2008

  1. Dan,

    You really need to take a very long lie down in a very dark room. You’ll soon get over it. I’m sure you’re just over-tired.

  2. Sorry Gareth lol as you already know I am very very hostile toward Obama. I wish McCain had his charisma then this election would be a walk over. Sadly I think spin will count for more than substance this year… but you never know the Americanns might see sense.

  3. No need to apologise. Seriously, I’m worried for your welfare. It can’t be too much sun, since we’ve not had any. I can only imagine you were drunk when you posted this or, more charitably, over-tired.

  4. I think it was the former lol and I was full of a cold which didn’t help. However I must admit I don’t retract my concerns about Obama’s plans for the economy or his very shady past. I do not think he is capable of being president of the United States however I believe Laura is doing a blog this week as to why he is… maybe she will convert me.

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