Daily Bite: NUCA President

Britain, as we all know, is in need of change; and quickly. Peoples’ feelings have passed through the helpless barrier and have now reached that irreparable angry stage where they see the Labour Party as incompetent, and view Gordon Brown with an undeniable degree of contempt.


Nevertheless I do not want to be drawn into a tirade against Brown and his repugnant ‘New Labour’ Party in the fashion we hear many a Labour writer whine on about the Tories. It is clear after all, that part of the trouble with British politics is that we have far too much ranting and raving, and far too few solutions to the problems of the British people.


Thus, I am not going to carry on about how in his last Budget as Chancellor, Mr Brown announced the abolition of the 10p starting rate of income tax, despite warnings it would hit 5.3 million low-earning families; nor will I waffle on about this year’s Budget, in which the Government announced a new, retrospective hike in Vehicle Excise Duty, meaning that drivers of 81% of cars bought since 2001 will pay more in tax by 2010-11. I won’t even mention Alistair Darling’s announcement of the biggest alcohol tax rise for a generation as part of his 2008 Budget- something I know will make the stomachs of many student readers churn with disgust.


Rather I am briefly going to tell you about why the Conservative Party is ready for government.


Just over three years ago, David Cameron made the speech that inevitably led him becoming leader of the Conservative Party and thus Leader of the Opposition. Since then, his modernised Party has been working tirelessly to discover the reasons for Britain’s decline under Labour. The result is seven (and counting) incredibly detailed and well constructed policy papers discussing and evaluating Labour’s failure of the British people. From schools and prisons, to healthcare and welfare, Cameron’s Conservative Party has carefully built up a vision for Britain in which people have more opportunity and control over their lives, in which families are stronger and society more responsible, and in which our country as a whole is safer and greener.


I could go on into more detail, but I neither have the space nor need to carry on- you can find out all the Conservatives proposals at http://www.conservatives.com and click on ‘Policy’. As students, we should all be getting involved with different societies and teams- academia is not and should not be the sole aim of University. If you want to get involved with a society where you have the opportunity to access and meet the politicians who are gearing up to put these pledges into reality, then Conservative Associations across the country are the way forward.


Get involved and join the Party offering a change from the terminal Labour free-fall. Join us now, or get left behind.


William Bickford Smith,

President, Nottingham University Conservative Assosciation



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