Daily Bite…

Baroness Thatcher is returning today to the home she adored and occupied for 11 years, the Prime Ministers country retreat Chequers. The invitation to return to the Buckinghamshire estate was extended to the former Prime Minister by Gordon Brown earlier this week. Now whilst New Labour leaders past and present have never hidden their loyalty to the Iron Lady one does have to wonder why Brown, at a time when he is doing so poorly in the polls, is risking rattling his backbenchers further by inviting their arch nemisis to tea… AGAIN! Perhaps he is seeking her counsel in order to avoid a repeat of her own less than dignified exit from Downing Street?

Margaret Thatcher has been the mentor to both Blair and Brown, and by their own admission some of their greatest accomplishements are in part down to the legacy she afforded them, so it does not suprise me that Brown wishes to meet with her again. Having said that perhaps its to get even with Tony Blair, after all it was him who was grinning like a Chesire Cat and jumped at the oppurtunity to support Lady Thatcher as she left St Pauls earlier this week. Brown looked distinctly unimpressed… but then again thats pretty usual.


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