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In May this year our Labour counterparts blogged about how Rupert Murdoch was planning to endorse Obama for President. Back then I stated my belief that Murdoch was being entirely tactical and endorsing him solely for the Democratic nomination and not the Presidency. As far as I was concerned he was keeping the momentum behind Obama to ensure that he, the weaker but more charismatic of the Democratic candidates, would be the one to face McCain in November. BULS dismissed this and claimed that Murdoch was backing ‘who is going to win obviously’. Now given the fact that Murdoch’s papers, such as the above picture taken from the New York post, are coming out in support of John McCain I would ask if they still hold that view? It wouldn’t suprise me if they did… after all the latest post convention polls are showing decisive swings and increasing leads in favour of McCain, this allied with the fact more undecided voters are leaning to the Republicans should make the Democrats feel very uneasy indeed.


8 thoughts on “Daily Bite

  1. Not really, it just shows what many have said about Palin. She’s not been picked for her ability or record, she’s been picked because she can attract voters.

    As I said before, Obama picked Biden to make sure he had the best deputy should he get in power, thinking long term. If he’d picked Clinton, he wouldn’t have filled the gaps in his CV but he’d be guaranteed to be in power. McCain however has picked Palin because he sees her as a ticket into the White House. There is no way she’s been picked because she’s the best person for the job.

  2. Palin has been picked because she is the best candidate for the job. They complement each other perfectly. He is old she is young, he is experienced in washington,she is experienced in actual ‘governing’, he is a liberal conservative she is a staunch conservative, he is a man she is a woman but what they both have in common is they both have a record of standing up for what is right.

    Obama talks of change he has done nothing in his time in the senate to achieve this. By ignoring clinton Obama has exposed his arrogance and the reason why he is unfit for leadership. I am intrigued as to how ‘he wouldn’t have filled the gaps in his CV ‘ she has as much if not more experience than Biden which was his biggest flaw and another thing she could do… bit of a no brainer really… is bring his party together. Face it his choice of running mate was poor, McCain’s was inspired and the polls reflect this.

  3. Dan,

    I think you may be allowing your objectivity to be clouded by your partiality. There are many arguments for palin’s inclusion on the ticket but describing her as the ‘best candidate for the job’ is stetching your credibility as a pundit beyond breaking point. This woman is obviously, lamentably and dangerously under-qualified for the job of VP. As I’ve said to you before, to put someone so incapable of rational and logical thought that they believe in creationism, in a job as important as this is simply reckless. How can we have any confidence she will take advice from experts or even understand their advice if she believes in this nonsense in the face of overwhelming evidence?

    As for her governing experience, governing a town 1/3 the size of my council ward and a couple of scandal strewn years in one of the smallest state’s in the Union, is not a CV for real power.

    The rest of your post is largely hyperbole: ‘standing up for what is right’. banning books from the local library? She’s with Goebels on that one. Sacking her brother in law? Banning sex education in schools? Supporting the Alaska Bridge before she opposed it?

    Even your point on the polls misses the point. It’s the elctoral college that matters. the latest poll (7th September) shows McCain’s lead in Florida disappearing and Obama retains a comfortable lead in the college overall.

  4. The Americans are electing McCain, McCain will wear the trousers. I believe Obama is a flop. He is failing where he should be romping home. All the conditions are their for a record win and he just isn’t cutting it

  5. They’re electing a ticket. In normal circumstances, the bottom of the ticket doesn’t much matter but when the top of it is 72 and has had cancer 4 times, it does matter.

    Describing Obama as a ‘flop’ is just a little bit premature I think. I agree that he should be romping home. I’m surprised you make the concession though since his ‘romp’ can only be due to the woeful way in which the Republicans have governed for the last 4 years, supported incidentally, by Mr Mc-more-of-the-same.

  6. I also think that it is a natural end to a political cycle. The republicans have been in for 8 years, yes many mistakes have been made and naturally they should pay for it at the ballot box but I think the Americans have grown as fed up as I have with Obama’s complacency. Whether it be doing world victory tours or changing his campaign seal to make it look like the seal of the president.

    Obama’s arrogance, ignorance and indifference particularly towards Clinton and her supporters is where he comes undone. McCain is doing what it takes to win, yes hes old, yes hes been ill but I think he can handle it for at least a term! In which Palin can do some ‘on the job training’. I do see her as a potential president if im honest. She is popular, she has a good record of service and I feel that whilst you say I am ‘allowing my objectivity to be clouded by your partiality’ I think the same can be said of you gareth :P We all know youve got a thing against Grandma Clampet.

  7. I wouldn’t say she’s a bigot gareth although I do accept she isn’t ‘pro gay’. As far as I am aware she is opposed to gay marriage purely because she believes that marriage is a contract between man woman and god however she does have some record in supporting gay rights.

    In 2005, Alaska’s highest court ruled, in a case brought in 1999 on behalf of nine gay couples, that the state could not deny benefits to the domestic partners of state government employees. The court ordered the state to implement that ruling in late 2006. This flew in the face of a 1998 public referendum which passed an amendment to the alaskan constitution defining marriage as ‘solely between one man and one woman.’

    To combat this the Republican-dominated Alaskan State Legislature passed another bill that barred the state’s administrative agency from implementing the ruling. Palin vetoed it despite her own personal feelings on the issue. Also to call her stupid I think is rather generalised considering her current position and almost flawless performances of late.

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