Daily Bite…

John McCain and Sarah Palin are riding their post convention wave of goodwill and have taken a 4-10 point lead in the latest polls. The USA Today-Gallup Poll released Sunday showsthe Republicans had eclipsed Obama, by at least four percentage points, 50 to 46 and after a highly successful convention and an inspired choice of running mate in Sarah Palin, John McCain has blown this race wide open.

However the Democrats woes don’t end there. After riding high in the polls for months and recieving unprecendeted good will from the press, it seems the motivation of Obama backers is slipping. Despite only 4 points separating Obama and McCain in terms of presidential preference, in a new poll taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote.

This election, like the Clinton nomination, seemed in the bag for the Democrats and whilst I feel Obama could still clinch it because all the odds are in his favour, McCain isn’t giving up with out a fight… and what a fight it is turning out to be.


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