Daily Bite…

Gordon Brown is in Birmingham – a little too close for comfort some might say. The Prime Minister and the cabinet will be meeting today at the ICC for the first time since the recess to discuss the current crises gripping both the country and the Labour party.

Todays cabinet meeting is the first time the cabinet it has met outside London since Lloyd George’s premiership in 1921. Brown and his adies know that this is make or break time, he has to convince the country and more importantly his party that he is able to lead Britain.

The conference season will prove crucial to whether Gordon Brown stays on as Prime Minister. He needs to be open, honest and frank in his assessment of the state of the country and tell us how he is going to deal with the situation not why it isn’t his fault. Either way i’m sure i’ll make a quick de-tour to the ICC to say ‘hello’ to the Prime Minister!!


2 thoughts on “Daily Bite…

  1. It somewhat mirrors our own committee meeting in town later!

    Apparently Cameron is in Birmingham today too. He took the train with Nick Robinson (According to Robinson’s blog)
    All the big names!

  2. I do hope you are not comparing me to BROWN lol…. that would never do! :P Besides im sure that the Labour gathering will be boring with a distinct lack of gin… no comparison to us at all lol

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