Daily Bite…

John McCain has beaten Barack Obama… no not in the race for the White House (yet), but in the battle for the biggest share of the TV audience. Despite Obama’s greek god style acceptance ceremony, John McCain’s simple yet elegant acceptance speech pipped his Democratic rival by over 600,000 viewers. Nielsen Media Research said a record 38.9 million people watched the Arizona Senator accept the Republican nomination on Thursday compared with an impressive but smaller 38.3 million for Senator Obama.

Interestingly Sarah Palin did pretty well too gaining a whoping 37.2 million viewers whilst her rival Joe Biden drew far less than Palin with 24 million viewers. For those of you who can’t do the math, in total McCain and Palin drew a combined total of 76.2 million viewers, compared with the 62.4 million who tuned in to watch the Democratic candidates’ speeches. What these figures clearly show is that recently there is more enthusiasm, more TV coverage and more interest in the Republican ticket. The Obama brand is wearing off. In the words of Ronnie Reagan:

‘You aint seen nothin’ yet!’


3 thoughts on “Daily Bite…

  1. Palin generated more viewers se she has more public interest. Because she’s batshit loco.I’m sorry but it’s a misguided view if you think amount of viewers = amount of supporters.

  2. At this point the Republicans and the Democrats need all the exposure they can get. Whilst you are right that the amount of viewers does not neccessarily equate to amount of supporters it is still concieveable that a number of independents tuned into watch McCain and Palin ‘sell their cause’.

    Most commentators agree ‘Palin rocked the house’ whilst John McCain delivered a frank and popular speech. I seriously believe for the first time in a long time that McCain can win this election, particularly with Palin… although I do gather she is not your favourite person lol

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