Daily Bite: We Love WHF…

This weekend the National Executive of Conservative Future is descending once again on Welsh House Farm in Birmingham. We Love WHF is an ambitious community project in Quinton inspired by local Dad and youth worker, Simon Jay. Simon and his team of active citizens want to transform Welsh House Farm estate into a great place to live by reviving community spirit; encouraging residents to help each other through structured volunteering activity, and by increasing the team sports opportunities for young people.

Saeeda Warsi and CF are teaming up with Simon for the second time in order to assist him in his push to regenerate the area. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this weekend due to a combination of dissertation preparation, freshers planning and prior arrangements. However I would encourage as many members and conservative leaning individuals as possible to get involved and support this project. If you require further information you can get in contact with me at bucfchair@hotmail.com, Councillor Peter Smallbone or Anastasia Beaumont Bott. Thanks and best of luck!


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