Daily Bite…

In keeping with the family friendly theme, David Cameron has stated his belief that the armed forces should be more ‘family friendly’. Speaking to troops and reporters on the front line in Afghanistan the Prime Minister Leader of the Opposition stated his belief that troops were getting a ‘raw deal’ in regards to operational leave. On his third visit to Afghanistan since becoming leader, Cameron said:

 “Our troops should be able to predict how long their leave is going to be rather than having to spend it on an aeroplane and on air bases a long way from home.”

Cameron has previously accused the Government of “breaking the military covenant” by letting troops down on equipment, healthcare, family support and accommodation. I wholeheartedly back Cameron’s stance. The situation currently means that operational leave begins from the minute you stop operations, not when you actually land back home on UK soil.

This needs to change, and with Cameron at the helm I am confident our troops will get the respect and rights they deserve.


One thought on “Daily Bite…

  1. I completely agree, and it is especially problematic considering the long distances traveled, and in the manner by which it has to be done, often causing the military to take more time getting back from a field of operation than if they traveled by a commercial airline. That, and the exhaustion many troops feel upon returning home makes their time off shorter by at least a day or two. These guys are fighting for our country, and our value’s – the least the Government could do is ensure they have a proper break when they are given one.

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